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[Other] Lyrics support for Apple TV app

Lyrics have been a great addition to Spotify apps across several of my devices, but on the latest Spotify app for my Apple TV 4K, the feature doesn’t seem to be available. Roku and Xbox already appear to have support, so it would be great to have this feature on Apple’s streaming platform as well.

Updated on 2022-04-04

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The app doesnt even sync with currently playing on other devices... Please fix ❤️


It's been more than a year now, still no update?


^^ Still waiting on that update Spotify! It’s such a great feature on my other devices, but my Apple TV is what I use the most and I would love to have it on here. 


As a user, I really like the Spotify application on Apple TV. Its design is simple and easy to use, allowing me to enjoy high-quality music on my TV. However, I believe Spotify should add a lyrics feature to the Apple TV version of the software. Although Spotify already offers a lyrics feature on mobile devices and desktop applications, it is n ot available on Apple TV. This makes me very disappointed because I like to sing along with the lyrics of the song, which make s me enjoy the music even more. If Spotify adds a lyrics feature to Apple TV, I believe this will provide users with a better experi ence. This will make it easier for users to sing along with the lyrics of the song, while also helping the m better understand the meaning of the song. In addition, this will also increase Spotify's competitiveness with other music applications. In summary, I strongly recommend that Spotify add a lyrics feature to the Apple TV version of the so ftware. This will allow users to enjoy music even more, while also bringing more users and revenue to Spotif y.


Wow, is the Spotify team really that small? Or do you think you don't need to extend the features of the app? 


Is there any news on this? It would be such a nice feature. As already mentioned from other users, it is very confusing, that every other platform has the lyrics feature except for the Apple TV.


Spotify continues to be babies and whine about Apple and is using this as a way to punish them. I can literally get lyrics on platforms much less popular than Apple TV. It's a shame that Spotify's childish behavior has to come at the expense of users.


Well, as a user, I feel offended by the lack of response in a serious way from Spotify. I remind the company (Spotify) that I have been a customer for several years, maybe too many. And given the lack of commitment, response and seriousness with their users and their childish position of not implementing technologies like Apple's shareplay, lack of lyrics in the appletv platform, etc., my family and I have seriously considering open our account in Apple Music and eventually close the Spotify account. Without a doubt, their position does not strengthen them but weakens them in the long run. Instead of strengthening their relationship with their users, they are increasingly alienating at least Apple platform users. I hope they (Spotify) read this message and reconsider their current position.


Any update on when this feature will be available on Apple TV? It’s been well over a year since it was communicated that it was being sent to internal teams…


Billion dollar company and after a year nothing happened. Spotify is a joke.