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[Other] Lyrics support for Apple TV app

Lyrics have been a great addition to Spotify apps across several of my devices, but on the latest Spotify app for my Apple TV 4K, the feature doesn’t seem to be available. Roku and Xbox already appear to have support, so it would be great to have this feature on Apple’s streaming platform as well.

Updated on 2022-04-04

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Make 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 happen 👏🏽 please


I find it pretty ridiculous that it has been nearly 2 years, and yet this idea STILL hasn’t been announced as coming soon, or anything of that sort. Apple music (and other streaming services ) have had this since it released. For example, Apple music’s lyrics have word by word, and it looks nicer than Spotify’s lyrics on all TVs, and it’s been there forever. It can’t take that long to make lyrics which are already on almost every other device, especially when you are a billion dollar company with a countless number of devs. Again, this is a case of AppleTV users getting the short end of the stick. The app is already super clunky, and on top of that you add the fact there is zero lyric support. I’m sorry, but this is childish and gross coming from the top music streaming service. Not even an update. 🤦‍♂️ 


Bryce, you may have answered your own question.  

I’ve always suspected that Apple somehow prevents this feature because Apple TV wants you to purchase Apple’s music service.  It’s either that or Spotify doesn’t want to support Apple because they have competitive music service. Either way, it’s unfortunate that one of the best streaming devices will never be the best streaming device.


@danafrost Apple isn’t preventing this feature. This is simply a case of Spotify continuing to be childish in how they approach Apple. They want to punish Apple because of what they see as unfair advantages that they have over Spotify, and unfortunately we as the customers are the losers. 

I’ve switched over to Apple Music and couldn’t be happier. It’s far surpassed Spotify now in just about every area. If you truly value MUSIC and don’t want an everything app that tries do to everything and does them all mediocre, give Apple Music a shot. Spotify is like Top 40 radio or MTV and Apple Music is like a record store. 


@Spaceboy88 I completely agree. I bought Apple Music for a month, and it looked amazing on Apple TV, however I do believe that Spotify has a few more features on iOS than Apple Music. Such as merch, concerts, song background, sharing lyrics, song radio etc. I do believe that Apple Music has a chokehold on spotify on Apple TV. What a shame. So much room for Spotify to improve and help their customers, but yet again, they won’t. 


@bryce19 sharing lyrics, song radio and artist background are all on Apple Music. Merch isn’t, but I find all that stuff in Spotify clutters the now playing screen. I don’t need the artist bio on every now playing screen, or concert info either. Wish there was a way to turn those cards off. 


@spaceboy88  that’s certainly possible. I did say that it could be the other way around in my post. I do find it an odd way for Spotify to punish Apple because it’s going to push more people towards Apple’s music service which is exactly what Apple would want, and what people are saying here. So, if it is a tactic from Spotify, it’s a pretty poor one.  This is why I thought it could be a tactic by Apple, who are well known for their deceptive marketing maneuvers.  Either way like we both said the customer loses. But mostly the Spotify customer.


@Spaceboy88 I agree. Some stuff clutters. It’s a good idea, but should be optioned as a toggle. 


Please add this..... why is it taking SO long..!


I’d love to see this as a feature! It would be like a karaoke machine