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[Other] Lyrics support for Apple TV app

Lyrics have been a great addition to Spotify apps across several of my devices, but on the latest Spotify app for my Apple TV 4K, the feature doesn’t seem to be available. Roku and Xbox already appear to have support, so it would be great to have this feature on Apple’s streaming platform as well.

Updated on 2022-04-04

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The fact that the Apple TV app is still so bare bones compared to every other platform is showing that Spotify really doesn't care about customers, only being petty with Apple. It honestly pushes me towards apples service.


Please add this already!!


Such a shame how butchered the Apple TV app is. I just switched to Apple TV because I got sick of the miserable performance and constant crashing of Google TV, and I can't believe how bad the Spotify app is. Sadly I'll be switching to Apple Music now too, for the better app and free lossless. Luckily there are some apps that easily convert your playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. It was a good run, Spotify. So long.


Any comments from developers? Why PS5 Spotify looks more update, when Apple TV? It’s so sad.


It's disappointing to see that even after several years, Spotify still hasn't implemented lyrics support for the Apple TV app. The feature has been highly requested since 2021, and with other platforms like Roku and Xbox already enjoying this functionality, it's puzzling why it hasn't been extended to Apple TV.

Having lyrics support enhances the music listening experience by allowing users to engage more deeply with the songs they love. It's an essential feature for many users, especially when enjoying music on a big screen like Apple TV. Hopefully, you prioritize this feature request soon to provide a more consistent experience across all devices.


Yes I must say I’m disappointed by how lacking the Spotify app is on my new Apple TV. Whatever your beef is with Apple, sort it out, for your customers’ sake.


Just got an Apple TV and am shocked to discover that there is no lyrics feature on the spotify app on ATV... very sad and frustrating indeed. Can someone from Spotify please confirm if this feature is coming soon?


Please, make it happen