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Owner comments on songs in an owned playlist

I wish there was some way to add comments to specific songs in a playlist you own. For example, a little bubble next to the album title/duration that could contain messages like “A fast paced, exhilarating song that I like”, or “A slower, sad song, that’s still one of my favorites"


I love this idea! like if you want to share a playlist with your friends, and when they get to the timestamp on the song where you made the little note, it pops up for them! that would be so much fun... but knowing Spotify it would be premium-only if added 😞


Rdio had this feature approximately 1 million years ago. But Spotify can't do it because someone might say a swear and then the mean record labels wouldn't renew the contract


Matt_M it doubt it would be something that is available to view publicly. I'm guessing it would be stored locally on your account, therefore it wouldn't be an issue