[Panasonic Smart TV] Spotify App for Panasonic Smart TV

I have just purchased a new Panasonic Smart TV but unfortunately cannot download the Spotify app onto it.  I notice that a few people have raised this subject a while back, but nothing since.  I have Spotify on an LG TV so is there any chance that Spotify will release an app compatible with Panasonic TVs.  Surely I sm not the only one requiring this facility.

Updated on 2019-04-21

Marked as a new idea and edited the title slightly 🙂


This is a repost of this inactive idea.


Big shame, I'm gonna leave Spotify and join YT Music. Stupid managerial behaviour


Still no app for panasonic tv.. 😭😭 please 


This is an extremely important feature to me as a music lover. I use Spotify daily for almost every single task. I would really like this feature however to be on 2020 model Panasonic TVs. Please Spotify. I'm begging you. Work with Panasonic to develop an app for their 2020 HX800-HZ2000 TV lineup. Pleaassee. 


When you buy a smart TV you expect it to accept all apps.. Spotify included. Panasonic doesn't. There is no need for selectivity. This can only end badly for the manufacturer. It will in my case.


Please add spotify application to Panasonic smart TV´S for users. Thank you.


It simply does not make any sense that you can access Spotify on lesser TVs, computers and Phones but not on a higher end TV like my Panasonic. Spotify is shutting out a significant market segment.


I finally gave up and bought an Apple Tv for my Panasonic... solved the problem of other missing apps, such as Disney+... looks like developers are not much into designing apps for My Home Screen... now I finally have a stunning Tv with a real smart experience.


Do you really think that Spotify cares about Panasonic? I have same issue. Even voting will not help. There is no value for them. Panasonic - no app.


I'm also victim in another topic .. BMW integration. Was working until Spotify decided to deactivated the protocol. So what do you think? When BMW customers don't care, how much attention will they have on a few Panasonic users? It's a shame.