[Partnership] Add Sign-in with Google for Existing Spotify Users

Thanks, Spotify, for adding a Sign-in with Google button option. However, only new Spotify users creating a new account can currently use this feature. There is no current way to port over an existing Spotify account with all its great listening history and fine tuned song preferences into a new Spotify account. This leaves existing Spotify users with the only way to use this feature being to create a brand new Spotify account. Could you extend the Sign-in with Google feature to prior existing Spotify accounts, so that every Spotify user who wishes to can use it?

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Its cool that you have the Google sign in option, but why you wouldn't come up with some sort of migration option to merge the older Spodify accounts (prior to the Google support) sort of amazes me.  Did you all get together in a meeting and white board the Google feature, but the guy/girl who would have raised their hand about this was out sick this day? 


Why are these votes even necessary?

Why aren't you implementing this and deleting all remnants of these records from your history out of embarrassment? 

Sorry, just venting. You wasted my time with a password reset, so I figured I'd waste your time with a long rant. 


Still love you in the end, let's just all agree to fix this. 


I use the concurrence (Deezer) because of that issue.

Please implement so I can swap to Spotify.


Hoping this gets implemented soon. Not trying to dismiss the technical undertaking with a simple "Other companies to it"...but ya, I'm fairly certain I've had this happen with other accounts I own where they eventually have added Google Sign In and I'm able to merge my existing account to Google Sign In via an email confirmation. The existing answer I was given was that I'd need to create a new account via Google Sign in to achieve this functionality. Something about requiring your current paying subscribers to start a new account seems like not a great business idea, add to the fact that I have a Family Account which would require additional headache of coordinating with those other members using the service through our Family Account.



Alright. So... WHERE IS IT? I've been actively avoiding Spotify for this very reason. NO MORE EXCUSES.


It's ridiculous this isn't implemented yet. Google has a descent authentication framework, and it should not take this long to implement it for your customers. 


It is pretty clear that Spotify have no intention of implementing this. I suggest as a workaround we move to a different platform that supports this authentication mechanism - like Deezer.


Any update on this guys, it's been kicking around for a while now??


Have any updates to this idea been happened since June?


This is a very easy idea to implement. Right now, the Facebook log-in feature is a hassle and unfriendly.  Also, given recent news, one may want to delete their Facebook account. Right now, it looks like they would have to create a new (perhaps family) account, which does not make sense whatsoever. The lack of a multi-type log-in speaks poorly of the CS capability of the team. 


Its absurd this isnt the default behavior... Please add this.