[Partnership] Spotify for KaiOS

With the Nokia 8810 being released in a couple of months, it would be excellent to have spotify running on this device. Furthermore, KaiOS is currently running on roughly 30million devices worldwide and growing. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks,

We wanted to post an update as this idea has reached over 1000 votes from our users.


We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment. We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance.


The best place to keep an eye on is our blog for news updates about any such partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.


Agree, this would be a really helpful for me as I want to move to a feature phone but i really don't want to have to end my spotify subscription.


Yes to Spotify and yes to 8810 coming to US.


If Spotify does develop a KaiOS app, then I will be buying the Nokia 8110. 


This would be so awesome. I'm ready to get rid of my smartphhone in favor of the 8110 as long as I can get my music!


I would love nothing more than being able to use Spotify on my CAT B35. That said, seeing as it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon, what about having some kind of "Spotify Lite" in which I can only access my previously compiled playlists?


I'm very much contemplating switching to KaiOS as well.

Does anyone have any experience using the Spotify web app in the KaiOS browser? For the time being, untill a full KaiOS app is launched, that might be a usable alternative.


Would be super awesome if Spotify would work on KaiOS.


KaiOS is pretty booming and already #3 mobile OS globally. And #2  in India. Porting Spotify with basic features can be done in short time while Spotify could get major awareness by making the free-version avaivalable with local adds. A big win i suppose. But even here in Europe KaiOS is raising rapidly and despite iphones etc, sometimes i like to go out with just my KaiOS device. And i’m not alone 😋

Casual Listener

Currently there are already over 80 million devices running KaiOS, with the expectation to rapidly increase.


I also think they should open the webplayer for current KaiOS devices, while we wait for an app.


Jetzt läuft WhatsApp fehlt nur noch Spotify