[Partnership] Spotify for Nintendo Switch

I know the hardware is relatively new, but I STRONGLY feel it could benefit both Spotify and Nintendo if an app was produced for the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks for listening.

Updated on 2017-11-20

Hi everyone, we're here to mark this idea as 'Not Right Now'. We don't comment on any third partnerships publicly until they are ready to launch. Please know we're keeping an eye on all your ideas/ votes around partnership opportunities. Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community!

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The Nintendo switch is a really popular console now days, like I really cant see how is Spotify missing on such great oportunity there's berealy any non gaming/game app on the switch I bet I could count them with my fingers, having spotify on the switch would atleast make people that dont have Spotify premium try it just to play game while listening to music


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The last time this post was reviewed and marked as "Not Right Now" was two years ago.
Since then, the Nintendo Switch has made several advances in modern technology, and I believe it needs a new update.
The Switch is such an excellent platform to migrate to, and I know that there are not that many programs that are currently like Spotify on Switch, making it a monopoly on itself, if it were to be exclusive to switch itself, it could cause some serious bucks to Spotify. I hope the Rock Stars take another glance at this article shortly, and I also love to play Super Smash Bros while also listening to Darude Sandstorm without my computer or phone nearby. The switch might be a good platform soon, and considering the games that are coming out soon, Spotify might be able to make some money off of a partnership.
Remember, 2017 was two years ago. The option for a partnership might be open now. Please review this, Rock Stars. Also, if anyone in the future replies to this post with "IF YOU DONT DO THIS I'M GOING TO REMOVE MY SUBSCRIPTION AND BOYCOTT SPOTIFY" Make sure you tell them that threats don't help moderators. Opinions and concerned customers who love to listen to Spotify would be happy to see it on the switch, not angry if it wasn't. On a side note, I really would love to play Breath of the Wild and also listen to music while I do. Imagine yourself playing your favorite game with your favorite music. Is it calming? Is it fun? Spotify could really change the perspective of the Switch, allowing even more companies, etc to hop in.

Take this post into consideration of love and care, for Spotify. - Nicholas


i'd love to see Spotify on the Nintendo switch, it would be nice to play Splatoon 2 and listen to my favorite music at the same time on the same Console