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I think there should be a Spotify feature for the Apple TV, similar to the Netflix App which is available. As currently, the only way Spotify can be played on the Apple TV is through AirPlay which requires an iPod Touch/iPhone.

Updated on 2018-01-04

Hello everyone--staff here again. We try to update the larger ideas in the Exchange on a yearly basis. Since this hasn't had an update in a while we're here to confirm this is still 'Not Right Now'. We also want to say again that we don't typically announce product updates before they happen when they involve third parties. We know this has grown to over 4,400 votes and we have passed along your feedback. Please continue to add your comments and votes to this thread. Thanks!


Please make this happen!!!!! I’ve been contemplating switching to Apple Music cause of this but wouldn’t wanna give up Spotify! 


It’s time.


I have a use case that could really benefit from a Spotify Apple TV app. I have a 4th generation Apple TV and two Homepods that I use with it. This works great when watching the Apple TV, but if I want to listen to music using AirPlay, then the HomePods are disconnected from the Apple TV. When I want to watch TV I have to switch the audio output. With an Apple TV app, the HomePods could stay connected to the Apple TV all the time. 





I keep going back to Apple music for this feature. Even though I prefer Spotify, please launch the app. It's really not that hard and your community has made its voice clear. With the new lyrics feature coming on October, I don't think I can stick with Spotify anymore. 


Just adding to the request even though Spotify doesn’t sound like they want to make their product better.


ridiculous that there is still no progress 7 years after the original thread... I think I am going to quit my subscribtion and move to Tidal or Apple Music because it sucks having to empty my iPhones battery just because Spotify is too dumb and ignorant to transform their app to Apple TV (4K)


what's the problem with making this app?


It's been 7. Years. SEVEN YEARS. Please either make it happen, or provide a reasoning to why it isn't happening. "Just because" isn't a good reason for a feature with 9000+ votes that was suggested SEVEN YEARS AGO. I really don't like Apple Music and Tidal, but the convenience of being able to play music, easily, to the TVs surround sound system is forcing me to have to switch the family over. It's really unfortunate...


It’s about time! Sure we can AirPlay but if you have a bad wireless conection to your Internett it doesnt help... and it would be really nice to have a fullscreen off what you are playing. Plz just make this happen... 




Pouvez-vous sortir Spotify sur Apple TV s’il vous plaît 😊