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I think there should be a Spotify feature for the Apple TV, similar to the Netflix App which is available. As currently, the only way Spotify can be played on the Apple TV is through AirPlay which requires an iPod Touch/iPhone.

Updated on 2018-01-04

Hello everyone--staff here again. We try to update the larger ideas in the Exchange on a yearly basis. Since this hasn't had an update in a while we're here to confirm this is still 'Not Right Now'. We also want to say again that we don't typically announce product updates before they happen when they involve third parties. We know this has grown to over 4,400 votes and we have passed along your feedback. Please continue to add your comments and votes to this thread. Thanks!


An Apple TV application would be awesome. I'm currently using my iPad 3 through AirPlay and I can't even flip application without experiencing sound lag on the Apple TV!


I have three different devices from whose I listen to music. A feature that I'd really love would be an Apple TV application from which I can queue songs from all of my devices, through their Spotify apps. When having guests over, also they should be able to add songs to the queue. Not only would it be awesome to create queues but also control the Apple TV application through all other devices--without using AirPlay! Without AirPlay there's a possibility of welcoming also Android and Microsoft based devices!


I really hope they have an Apple TV app soon!

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Forget it guys! The first time you will see a streaming music service on Apple TV it will be iTunes delivering it, Apple make more money out of iTunes and mobile apps than they ever have out of all their computer operations put together - next up is iRadio or iTunes Radio as it is now called, that will give you streaming on mobile devices and ATV (without ads at a price) based on radio stations similar to Spotify.



I'm not an Apple hater by any means I own an Apple TV and a Macbook Air. I consider myself an objective critic of technology.  


Yes please! it wold be great!!!


My Roku 1 just died.  Roku is quite channel rich an unbiased.  I think I'm going for Roku 3 which has Spotify channel.


This is a MUST!

I would buy the premium if it had an Apple TV app!! Please make this happen.
Why is this not happening? It's a huge pain to drain my iPad battery or have my entire iPhone mirrored. DO THIS! Spotify is actually the reason we bought an Apple TV.

Hello, i beleve too that the spotify app for ios in appletv should be a essencial tool for premium users.

regards. I hope some day this will be a solid true!!!