[Partnerships] Grand Theft Auto V with Spotify

Feature that allows us to link our Rockstar Social Club account with Spotify and create a list to play in GTA V's custom radio.

Updated: 2016-01-25

Hey folks, we don't comment on third party partnerships in advance in the Idea Exchange. However please know your feedback is making back to the internal teams at Spotify. If this is something you'd like to see keep adding your kudos here. 


This would make an amazing feature!! GTA V is still a very popular game but the music has gotten stale and something like Spotify would be the perfect fix!


In the wait of this feature coming up, if  like me you're bored with any of GTA 5's radio station this is the one I've created, labeled Retro Wave FM the playlist includes around 230 songs from several artists from various musical scenes.

Mostly from the synthwave / Dreamwave / Outrun and the Rock'n Roll / Pop Rock / old school Hard Rock scenes.

Take a listen and enjoy!




Please keep this a priority Spotify! You and GTAV can make a fortune from a partnership! 


It would definitely awesome to be able to listen to the own Spotify Music in GTA Online