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[Partnerships] Kodi Plugin (XBMC)


how about an official Spotify XBMC Plugin, so that many users of this gorgeous media center can experience

the best music jukebox on their TV's.

I know that there are some unofficial Apps like Spotimc or Spotixbmc etc, but those are very buggy and don´t look professional.

A XBMC Plugin would be a epic win!

Updated on 2020-10-14

Hey folks, 
We wanted to post an update as we haven't posted here recently.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.
We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance.
Our blog is the best place to keep an eye out for any possible news or partnership updates.
Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.


I sometimes use it on my phone, but mostly on a Linux desktop and through the TV. Previously I was using an android box on the tv which worked ok with Spotify, but now I'm using a pure XBMC machine.


If you don't want to create a plugin, perhaps you could work a little with the creators of spotlight/spotmc to allow them add features.


Features I would like/want:

Ability to control music from a spotify player on a phone (this way I can browse on my phone and send it straight to XBMC

Ability retrieve/search for Albums only (I'm a whole album kinda guy)

Your 'Discover' functionality mirrorred in the XBMC app

Also, ability to retrieve 'saved' albums etc



Please help Spotify, you'd be making the world a better place 😉


(also thumbs up to you guys for getting the native Linux app off the ground!!! 🙂

Would love to see a official Spotify plugin for Kodi. A Plugin which impements Spotify connect and Spotify Radio.


Great idea!! I'd love to see a plugin that works nicely with Android apps (Spoitfy app or Yatse).



This would require no more work from the Spotify guys than giving SpotiMC developers details of the API. They would do the rest. Such an easy thing for you guys to implement, that would make so many happy.

+1! Controlling Spotify music on my Kodi with my phone would be amazeballs!

NOW is the time to really expand on Spotify connectivity! Spread the love and music, let us play our tunes on all the devices we can possibly have! Android TV, Smart TV's of all big brands, XBMC/Kodi, the works! Simply use Connect only so you don't have to create complicated UI's for all those devices, but only a 'Now Playing'-screen and let us control it all from the excellent apps that already exist on our Android, iOS and Windows Phone-devices and our Desktops/laptops!


Like Shia LaBeouf said:

DO IT, JUST DO IT!!!~`11``` 😄


I  would prefer a spotify connect option in xbmc/kodi.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2015-12-10

Hey folks, Spotify staff here. As we mentioned earlier in this thread, we don't typically announce product updates before they happen.

For now we're marking this idea for an XBMC Plugin 'Not Right Now' but please keep an eye on this thread for any updates. Thanks for your feedback, we want you to know we're listening. 


I'm furious. How dare you say 'we're listening', as clearly you're not! Three (!!) years after the initial idea, you just go 'nahhhh' and be done with it. I'm stuck with Spotify since me and 4 other family members share a family account and i love every other aspect of it, but this just makes me sad, disappointed and angry.


is there any news regarfing this plugin?

Also I'm agree with some comments about spotify connect, just send an email to the openelec's guys with information on how to implement it, with that we will be all very thanksfully.