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Personality types for music listening experience

Status: Live Idea
Dear Spotify Team,
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Max Roux, and I am excited to share an idea with you that I believe aligns with Spotify's vision of revolutionizing the way people discover and enjoy music.
I would like to propose using personality types to introduce new music to listeners. For example, listeners could choose from three options: Adventure/Campaigner (deeply explorative and not afraid to listen to new genres), Virtuoso (knows what they like, yet is open to exploring a range of music genres and songs), or Specialist (an expert in their field of music but does not venture into other genres).
This is just one example, and I welcome any other suggestions for different types of listening groups.
I am confident that this idea has the potential to open listeners up to new music, whether they're feeling inspired to explore new genres or sticking to their favourite genres.
Thank you for considering my proposal. I am eager to discuss this idea in more detail and explore how we can bring it to life on the Spotify platform. Please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience to schedule a meeting or further discussion.
Warm regards,
Max Roux