[Playlist] Continue with this Playlist after Queue

This feature appears to be completely nuked in the latest desktop version (I'm on OSX).  


Typically, my usage pattern is to queue up a bunch of music and forget about it.  When I double click a song, it will stuff the Play Queue with a bunch of stuff I don't want to listen to.  Before, I had the option to swap out the Play Queue with songs from another playlist using the "Choose as current playlist" feature (so when the stuff I queue up is done playing, it will switch over to the playlist).  I also use this feature to indicate that I don't want any songs to play after the things I've queued up (by choosing an empty playlist as the "current playlist").


Without this functionality, the Play Queue is stuck there.  Yes, I can doubleclick a new song somewhere else, but that will interrupt the song that is currently playing.  In general we need a better way to manage the music that autoplays after the queued songs.

Updated: 2015-04-14

Hey guys, we're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being. However, we're continuing to bring your feedback to teams internally every week. If there's an update on this decision we will let you know here, thanks everyone.


Another vote for this, Was definitely a feature that I used...


do you guys track statistics of feature use before removing it? or do you just remove a feature and see if there a big uproar? 

Gig Goer

I'd like to bump this thread again. Spotify recently deprecated the friend feed in 9.x, but I can live with that.

However, if you decide to deprecate the entire 9.x client before reintroducing this feature in the current version, I am going to Google Play Music, I promise.

So do yourselves and all your users a favor and spend 10 minutes of your time to write 10 lines of code. It really can't be that hard.


I have been missing this feature for a long time and Just got enough of it today, been on Spotify for many years but this was the best feature I really miss.


Add this please or I will consider moving to Apple music or similar.


Please add this feature back! - I dont care of the endless radio of the radio thing. I want this feature!



Does anybody know a music player that has this feature and is working right now?


I've only logged in occasionally since this was removed years ago, it disgusts me that they have ignored us for so long and I will probably never return because of it.  Sure, not many offer this feature, but it is completely essential to any listening experience with multiple people.  **bleep** Spotify.

Gig Goer

Please make this happen finally spotify. Switching playlists should be a rudimentary feature, especially since it was already there years ago. 

Casual Listener

People have been wanting this feature back all four years since it disappeared. I think it is time to raise the priority from "not right now" to something with a little more dignity.


It was idiotic to remove this feature in the first place. Just bring it back, please.

Gig Goer

Please bring this back! The 0.9 client no longer works and this really messes up the experience. 

Gig Goer

Please bring this feature back so it is easy to queue up multiple playlists!