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Playlist superset that dynamically updates when component playlists change

Status: Live Idea

I want to create some playlists that are more specific and have the songs I add there automatically be added to playlists that are more general. For example, I might create a "Brazilian" playlist (this is the more general, or "superset", playlist). Then I would create some playlists like "samba", "bossa nova", "brazilian rap", etc. When I add a song to (for example) the "samba" playlist, I want it to automatically be added to the "Brazilian" playlist.


Is this possible? If not, could this feature be added?


Currently, I have to add a song manually to both the specific and more general playlists, which is a waste of time.


I know that users are able to add playlists to other playlists, but this is a one-time event. After adding playlist1 to playlist2 (the "superset" playlist), playlist2 will not update if another song gets added to playlist1 in the future.


Note, it was suggested that by @osornios that I submit this idea to the Idea Submissions forum. I was unable to gain access, and a spotify support person gave me a link to submit here. It seems this may be the same place I did my original post (title: "Create a playlist that automatically adds songs from other playlist"). If this is the case, and I've created a duplicate, I apologize.