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Playlist with songs that you never heard before

I think it could be cool to have a playlist created for each user when you can find songs that match your listenings like release radar or discover weekly, but full with songs that you never heard before. When I say never, it's never. I think it can be possible with the technology that spotify has, so it could be very cool for users like me that love to hear new music everyday. 


This is what Discovery Weekly used to be, but since they switched to an AI-based recommendation system, the suggestions are excruciatingly obvious. If you like a genre, the AI will suggest the most renown, played out hits of that genre in a playlist that is meant to open you to new music. Its really a bummer since I used to love Discover Weekly for my specific sonic flavor and NEW music therein (even if it was just new to me, occasionally a song I knew would be in there) every week. Now I barely listen to it since it wants to suggest "Doses and Mimosas" and "Free Bird."