[Playlists] Ability to link together Tracks in Playlists



Wouldn't it be great if you could "pair" or "link" tracks together in a playlist?  Then even if you shuffle-played, certain songs would always play together.


spotify-idea-1244603-crop-annotated.pngmock-up of how linking/pairing a song might work.

I year ago I signed up for premium after listening free for a while, and coming off of Pandora.  As I listened to all the songs I've "liked" with shuffle, the one thing that kept coming into my mind was the terrible feeling you get when a song that is meant to follow another is not played.  You get the feeling of being violated; it is a terrible experience.  As I searched for this feature, I see that the ongoing idea for that had been marked inactive:




That idea got 138 kudos.  The other 18 ideas since 2012 all link to the one above (see attached).  There are still a few kudos left over in those topics (19).  So that makes 157+1 (me) kudos in the last 3 years.  Isn't that enough to meet the 50 kudos/year threshold?


Its a simple thing to ask: allow songs to be paired together in a playlist.  In the last year, this idea has gotten just over 90 kudos.  The comments have been really great and a great advocacy for the feature.  Let's everyone see if we can push this one over the top.  I'll bet if we can get this to go viral, the Spotify devs will do it.


Letting a song "pair" with another in a playlist would be enough to make alot of people happy.  I know I would be.


Thanks very much!



Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Sheesh, here we are in 2017 and no traction for this?  It's surprising given how many music nerds (like me) use Spotify these days.  All the examples above make sense and so do many more!  I listen to mostly rock but plenty of classical as well and this is one of the very reasons I was reluctant to join.  

So, what more will it take?  I've voted and commented and what else?  


Wanted to link Flying Lotus' "MmmHmm ft. Thundercat" with "Do The Astral Plane" as they go on the album but wanted them in a random playlist. Googled to see if Spotify had the fuction to link two tracks but, alas, it doesn't. :(


I strongly support this idea!


For now I'll avoid the random function specifically on that playlist, as I prefer to listen sequentially everytime - you know, to avoid the cringe inducing feeling that is listening to the introduction of one song that in the end doesn't play.


I'm just going to remain hopeful that this will be implemented one day. There are so many songs that are meant to be played back to back but are listed as separate songs. The most prominent example I have is The Hellion/Electric Eye by Judas Priest. I can't bring myself to add The Hellion to my Playlist because it's just really unnerving to have a different song than Electric Eye playing after it. 


This obviously hasn't been the first time that this idea has been suggested, nor is it the last. I wish the devs would pay more attention to little things like this, surely some of them must have noticed this as well. 


All of what everyone else has said, and the specific songs I want to link right now:

The Beatles:

Sgt Pepper/With a Little Help from My Friends

Sgt Pepper Reprise/A Day in the Life

Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End

Dig It/Let It Be


The Alan Parsons Project:

Sirius/Eye in the Sky


Electric Light Orchestra:

Concerto for a Rainy Day




Will Will Rock You/We Are the Champions


Pink Floyd:

Another Brick in the Wall Pt 1/The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2


Alternatively, just make the tracks in question available as singles.


I'm starting to wonder if there might be licensing issues related to doing this.  It seems like it would be such an easy feature to add.  If they haven't done it by now then maybe there are other reasons?  It would be nice if they would respond and tell us if that was the case or if it just needed more backing from users.


Does anyone else think this could be the case?

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If you remember the old Lou Reed "Rock and Roll Animal" album, the tracks "Intro" and "Sweet Jane" were two tracks.

But now in all music services, it is one track: "Intro/Sweet Jane." You have hit the nail on the head on how to solve this problem.
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In a similar thread, they have explained to us that this is indeed a licensing issue.

Apparently the contracts for Apple Music, Google Play, and the other services have been written more recently, and that is why the Spotify contract continues to have this restriction.

I would love to find that thread. I can understand the licensing logic of not allowing a combined track to be created as that could be considered a new creation, but why would licensing be involved with telling software to always play one track after the other? It seems like that would just be a special way of handling playlists.

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I think it's just an added code to the program language. iTunes has had it
for years under gapless playback.
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My mistake.  That was one of the threads that refer to the problem of downloading 3333 tracks to a device or 10000 tracks in a playlist.


Gapless playback does not solve this problem if the list is in random and the tracks are not linked.  Does Apple Music allow tracks to be linked?