[Playlists] Add Song to multiple Playlists at once

Rather than clicking "Add to Playlist" and choosing a new playlist time after time, allow the user to "check" a box next to the playlists they want to add a song to, so they can quickly add/remove from multiple playlists at once.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.00.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.00.12 AM.png
Updated: 2016-05-24

Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback around Playlists in Your Music. Right now we don't have plans for a feature like this, so we're going to mark this as 'Not Right Now'. Check back here for updates--we'll post here first. 

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Status changed to: New Idea
Updated: 2015-10-14

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


That would be fantastic ! When you discover a new song, you usualy want to add it in multiple playlist and it's a pain to do when you have a lot of those. Even worst if you add it in a playlist twice and have to deal with the "duplicate" pop-up (Seriously, why can't we see in which playlists our songs are again ?).  Having a way to do it all at once would be great.

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Yeah that's actually a good idea, I find myself lately constantly dragging songs from discover weekly to catch up playlists and my commute playlists.
I would love this option on the app. Also maybe, when you click to add to a playlist, the playlists that song is already on could be greyed out to prevent us from clicking it and then getting the message that it's already on that playlist.

This is a really great idea! I have to do this manually all the time. Some songs really do suit 2 or more playlists. 

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And please make it easier to actually find a playlist when using Add to playlist (eg using filter)
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Great idea!!


I really wish that this feature could be added!! thank you!!


 Hi @anaraee


I'm happy to add your 100th kudo to your very good idea.


I think it would be even better if Spotify could combine it in some way with this one:


Way to know in which playlist is any given song at once


I think it would be very useful as a check before adding songs to our playlists.


I will post a link there to see if anyone who votes for it would like to support your idea as well if they haven't seen it yet.


Soundcloud has a great solution for this (and this@saved). Just look to them, Spotify!