[Playlists] Add the same song to multiple playlists simultaneously

There is no reason why Spotify shouldn't have a functionality on at least the desktop app where you can drag one song into as many "selected" playlists as you want and have that song added to all of them at the same time…


Here's a little more info to back up this request:


I'm, for one, the kind of person who obsesses over music, and a huge component of that is the way in which I organize my playlists.


I believe it is probably safe to say that most people wish their music was better organized, but the primary reason why they aren't is simply the amount of time it takes to put together quality playlists. Instead, what most people end up with are a small handful of enormous playlist hundreds, if not thousands, of songs that have no rhyme or reason to why they are in the same playlists.


To avoid this dilemma, I have spent hours and hours sorting through all my favorite songs and making different types of playlists that they may fit into. One thing I learned early on is that a particular song is likely going to fit into multiple playlists, and this is where the problem lies and the primary reason why most people avoid making well thought out playlists all together.


In order to add a song to all the playlists I want, I have to sit at my computer and continuously drag a new song I want put into different playlists into each individual one over and over again which, when organizing dozens or even hundreds of songs, can take an insane amount of unnecessary time. And that is if you happen to be creating and organizing playlists on the desktop app… if you are trying to do this on your phone, you might as well forget about it - it would take you an hour to at 20 different songs to 10 different playlists.


That is why I believe Spotify should add a function (starting on desktop and eventually moving onto mobile like they are likely to do with the "folders" for playlists) in which a single song can be added to multiple playlists at the same time.


Attached is a picture originally posted by a subscriber named anaraee who had requested this a few years ago, but apparently wasn't able to get enough traction them... hopefully this time will be different.


Updated on 2019-10-15

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

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I TOTALLY agree with this.  It seems like a simple and obvious thing that everyone would want to do. It applies to both the desktop (PC) and mobile (Android) version. There are many ways I can imagine the UI looking for this, and i don't really care which one it is as long as I can select a song and add it to more than one playlist at a time, without having to go back and select each playlist over and over.


I am always adding new songs to multiple playlists. I have been wanting this feature for 5 or 6 years now. For instance, I hear a new country song I like and want to add it to my country playlist, my all songs playlist and my riding playlist. 

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I have added kudos for this idea on multiple times that it has been suggested in past years. I recently submitted the idea again, not knowing there was an open/active idea. Below is the text from my suggestion.


Currently, you are able to add a song to one playlist at a time. However, if you are a playlist power user, you have many playlists that the song fits with and to which you want to add it. It is quite monotonous to add the song to each playlist individually. And it is easy to miss a playlist or accidentally choose a playlist to which the song has already been added.


It would be much more efficient and user friendly to show a checkbox/checkmark list of all of your playlists with a checkbox next to each playlist. With a checkmark indicating the song has been added to the chosen playlist or is already in the playlist.


This would solve two big dilemmas.

1. When any song plays from a playlist or from a radio station, you can easily see if you already have the song in your playlists.

2. You can add the song to your desired playlists all in one shot!


This would facilitate rapid playlist procuring and generation.


Here are a couple proof of concepts:





There should still be a way to add a song to a playlist multiple times by clicking on the playlist "name" instead of just the "checkbox" which would have a pop-up similar to the current Duplicate Song pop-up in that you can "Add Anyway", "Skip Duplicate", or "Remove From Playlist".




I have only seen one music streaming competitor implement something similar to this. YouTube (not YouTube Music) allows a video/song to be saved to multiple playlists in one operation like this. YouTube Music currently does NOT have this feature. I believe a feature such as this would dissuade users from jumping ship to YouTube for their music streaming.



Additional features:

- Allow searching for a specific playlist to which the song is desired to be added.


Stunned this hasn't yet been implemented as a simple fix. Idea has been reposted multiple times each with hundreds of votes each time. Currently a very bothersome experience adding songs to multiple playlists - an activity which I assumed would be a regular and staple one for most users with their own selection of playlists.  


To be honest, I read on another idea that this was suggested and Spotify came back saying they discussed it and decided not to implement, without explaining why and just marked it as closed?  Does it cost them money or something?  I did not like that answer and the first service that offers this I will jump to in a heartbeat.  You would think one of them would wise up.

FYI - I dropped back to the basic Spotify service and now trying another service (coughcoughpandoracough) with hopes they will implement.  They seem more receptive but we will see.

Gig Goer

This needs to gain a lot more traction. Gotta be some way we can share this out with avid Spotify users.


not a solution, but www.playlist-manager.com is useful.