[Playlists] Delete playlists from "recover playlists"

Hi! The "recover playlists" feature is great! However, sometimes I just want to permanently delete a playlist and not have it associated with my account anymore. I think there should be an option to delete playlists from the recover playlist list. Music has a lot of emotional significance and there are some playlists that I would prefer not seeing ever again... 

Updated on 2018-05-12

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Updated on 2018-05-12

Marked as new idea.


We need to be able to delete playlists permanately. This is a serious privacy issue. 


The only current way to delete a playlist to an extent is to open the playlist on desktop player:

1- delete all the tracks from the playlist (make sure you also delete hidden tracks that are unavalible)

2- Delete the description completely

3- Replace title with a "-" (replace title with hyphen "-")

4- Remove custom artwork.

5- Make sure the playlist is set to "private"

6- Then delete the playlist.


You have to do this with every single playlist even the ones that are already delete. You will have to recover them and then follow all the above steps. It's also a good rule to do this if you plan on closing your account as all the playlists will remain. Also playlist that are set to private and are in the recover playlist folder somehow show up in google searches and privacy settings change even thought the playlist has been deleted, this is garbage.


This is very tedious and fustrating because if the playlist was at any time public or followed it will show up in search results of google, bing, yahoo and duckduckgo even though it was deleted. So the only current way to remove it, is to delete every single part of the playlist details individually.


Finally deleted playlists links should turn into "HTTP 404, 404 Not Found and 404 error message". Which never happens either.


I agree.  Why can’t we delete some of these playlists permanently?  We should have another option in our settings besides “Restore.”  Why not  “Delete Permanently”?