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[Playlists] Like same song multiple times

Status: New Suggestion

Hi there 🙂


It would be very nice to be able to like the same song multiple times and be able to sort liked songs by interest (means count of likes on the song)


Sometimes when I listen to random stuff, I'm like "oh this one is cool" and I forgot that I already liked it. But, I'd like to re-like it to make it more "visible" inside the songs I liked... 

Updated on 2023-01-13

Marked as new suggestion.

Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2023-01-13

Marked as new suggestion.


umm can you add the word (the) so it makes sense. 


Doesn't a song show you when it has already been favourited?  I believe a listener can already see favourited songs, and have the options to add extra special songs to a new playlist.


Please don't do this. It's a very simple gesture as it is now to like songs, and unlike the ones you don't. Let's not make things more complicated.


Bad idea. Make playlists rather than relying on a monolithic "liked songs" list that grows and grows. Also you can tell if you've liked a song before.