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[Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options/Columns

Sort options within Spotify are severely lacking.


First, what's lacking outright:

sort by year, total plays, personal playcount, current popularity, genre, tempo, etc.


On top of that, sorting should be stackable, e.g. sort by album by year, or sort artist by total plays, etc.


This could apply to within the artists' pages as well, allowing us to sort through all their songs to better find music that suits our tastes.

Updated on 2020-01-23

Hi folks. Thanks for all your votes and comments. We like this idea, but at the moment we're not planning to do this.

If something should change we'll be sure to come back and provide an update.


I've been looking for apps to sort all my songs by the album cover. Like the primary color of the album cover. I've been doing this myself for years, along with many of my friends. The result is more visually appealing and helps to locate songs faster. I love Spotify, I would worship it if it could do this for me.


This is the worst aspect of Spotify. The largest con is its incredibly poor user friendliness. We've wanted many more "sort by..." options for many years. This is getting annoying how this is not a priority. iTunes has it so much better. Considering moving there.


Specifically, let us sort by release date and by number of times played. Simple. Get better or more developers already. We're sick of these empty promises. These "ideas" never become reality. Make it happen already!


Why have spotify said:

Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey everyone,
Thank you for your feedback on this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Closed', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. "


I don't get everyone wants it, yet spotify are just being pig headed and saying no... None of us understand why?


Sometimes I will listen to suggested Radios based off a certain artist, but sometimes would like to sort that playlist by the amount of plays each artist or band has. So most popular at the top and less listened at the bottom. This same suggestion would apply to individual artists albums so that the hottest tracks are recognized easily. 


I can see that this feature was not implemented, but would love to have this feature available to users. Would help me out a lot when trying to clean up playlists filled with duplicate songs. 


Even if Spotify for whatever reason, is unable to do this as of now. Can they at least implement the same filter system Liked Songs has, but for Playlists?


Also, we are able to sort songs by Love I guess. Could you implement it, please?