[Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options/Columns

Status: Not Right Now

Sort options within Spotify are severely lacking.


First, what's lacking outright:

sort by year, total plays, personal playcount, current popularity, genre, tempo, etc.


On top of that, sorting should be stackable, e.g. sort by album by year, or sort artist by total plays, etc.


This could apply to within the artists' pages as well, allowing us to sort through all their songs to better find music that suits our tastes.

Updated on 2020-01-23

Hi folks. Thanks for all your votes and comments. We like this idea, but at the moment we're not planning to do this.

If something should change we'll be sure to come back and provide an update.


It's little features missing like this that keeps me from using Spotify as my main player. I don't understand how they want to compete with the likes of iTunes or Winamp when I can't even sort my playlist by genre or put one track on repeat. I would love to use only Spotify, but it's seriously lacking in core functionality. iTunes will remain my default client until Spotify gets itself together.


A Column with the play count is the most important for me.


Please make this happen! iTunes has dozens of amazingly useful view options, Spotify has 5.


I've my local music sorted in folders (charts/2013-05), so it's very complicated to find songs in this folder - for syncing to mobile as playlist or whatever.


Please add easy ALL Mp3-Tags from local files, every MP3-Player / Music-Manager App (e.x. itunes) does this.

Configurable visibility of (sortable) columns in "Local Files"


You're reading album, artist etc from the local file, just read out the rest of Information - let the user choose, what do display.


Will be perfect, thanks !


Definitely need more options for sorting our music! Kudos!


How has this not been added yet!?


Absolutely agree with author!

I like Spotify and wish to use it more (may be use only it, because it have huge collection and these nice sharing features), but now it's just great "Google" for music. From the moment, when you found new song it's absolutely uncomfortable to manage your collection.

Moreover, I have my own collection in iTunes, with labels and automatic lists, which I manualy adjusted thhrough many years of listening. When I try to open it in Spotidy I get only stupid one long list. Yes, there is a "filter", shich can only find names. Why the main search engine can search by year/genre/etc. but not Local lybrary...

So pleace make some petter search/filter options or at least take a look how it's made in iTunes. I know, there is a lot of crap in that program, but for me it works perfectly as music manager, because with one "Cntr+i" I can change information of any song and set of songs. Then make list/filter/sort by almost any posible tag (or tag, which I created).


P.S. Offtopic, pleace! Could advertisment be a bit more variable? Once 3 hours of listenting of same nozy macdonalds add just drived me insane... 😄


spotify media is already organized like this:


artist (alphabetically) > album (by release date) > track (by track number)


all you've got to do is add a column for each track that calls back up to the associate album's release date. seems like it'd be a super quick feature to implement.





I think, there are so many Users who would love to be able to add the BPM information: Dancers, DJs, athletes...

As soon as I could do this, I could use Spotify as my main music app...