[Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options

Sort options within Spotify are severely lacking.


First, what's lacking outright:

sort by year, total plays, personal playcount, current popularity, genre, tempo, etc.


On top of that, sorting should be stackable, e.g. sort by album by year, or sort artist by total plays, etc.


This could apply to within the artists' pages as well, allowing us to sort through all their songs to better find music that suits our tastes.


Lastly, this could lend itself to the creation of smart playlists, e.g. a playlist that pulls songs from my collection (or from another playlist) that are within a certain genre and released in a particular year.


iTunes has had these features for many, many years - it's time that Spotify catch up!

Updated on 2018-10-11

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we could really use this. AT LEAST sort by popularity

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OVER 400 KUDO's since december last (2018) year guys.... Your own rules state an idea must have more than 100 Kudo's in 1 year - So when will this be implemented??


Sort by Genre/BPM etc is absolutely necessary.



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It would be great to be able to sort by release date!


This is a really great idea and I love the idea of being able to sort my massive playlists by genre especially


I would love to see a feature to either sort or filter playlists that I've made vs ones I've subscribed to, on desktop and on mobile.


I love all these ideas.  It's absolutely necessary for those with varying preferences to how they listen and organize music.  Listen to your customers...please!!!!!


There are SO many requests to be able to sort lists of tracks either in play lists or on artist pages.  Some requests date back from 2012 and before!


PLEASE Spotify devs, listen to your users and add a sort icon and let us pick from 'Name', 'Release Year' 'Original Release Year' (so that re-issues don't mess the cronological order up).  You already order by 'Release Year' be default on the artist page, so it really wouldn't be hard to reverse the order of the results once you've retrieved them right?