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[Playlists] Notification of freshly added Tracks

As I just had to find out from Spotify support, they removed playlist notifications from Spotify.

The notifications are being disabled and soon they will disappear for all users. You can still get notifications via e-mail though. You can set that up here

If you'd like the notifications back, feel free to post on the Spotify Community.
At the moment new songs added to playlists you follow will no longer be denoted.

We've made the change as of December. It's not a technical issue, we'd mainly like to avoid "spamming" our users.

As of last year also the blue dot indicator (next to the playlists) was removed, there is now way anymore to tell if new songs got added to a playlist - besides email notifications.
But I don’t want email notifications. I want these notifications within the app itself.
At least make it configurable which notifications you want to see when clicking on the notification button.

What's the next thing they're going to remove?

Who also wants playlist notifications back?
Leave some


Updated on 2022-06-08

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We see this still seems to be talked about on the Community, so we're reopening votes for the idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


Posted in other thread also, but this is the one feature that kept me from switching to Apple Music. Also, I have never received a notification via email, even though it has always been checked.


it has been a month and still no answer, I'm leaving spotify ! 

Removing functionalities instead of making them customisable just because you don't think your customers intelligent enough to deactivate what bother them, sucks ! 


Absolutely insane decision, but exactly what I've come to expect from Spotify, sadly. I had to go back to to get back essential functionality they removed with the v1.0 debacle, but that makes no difference with this decision.


As a power user, this was probably the single most important function of the program.




I thought it was just that notification for lists was broken (as general notifications have been for multiple weeks for me and many others, per other posts); but that this is because of a decision by Spotify is baffling and frustrating.  Not being notified of updates takes away yet another feature that made Spotify different than other services, including Amazon lists, which are free to the kajillion of us who have Prime for other reasons.  Any of us who follow more than a few lists and artists are unlikely to have the time to go manually look for updates and new releases. 


My enjoyment of the service has gone down dramatically. I used to sing Spotify's, and especially Premium's, praises and highly recommend it to friends and family. No more. How can I recommend a service that can suddenly, and without warning or explantion, have key features taken away?  So disappointing.


lol wtf is going on with Spotify? Since I joined three years ago, they keep on removing basic features....why would you do that. A few weeks ago the scroll bar (they brought it back again due massive protests) and now the notifications. Or the ctrl+F search or sync options for your mobile devices. Or the release notes for the apps and windows. Why? So sad 😕 I'm really thinking about reviveing my own mp3 music library...


This was the BEST feature on spotify. This feature was absolutely essential. Absolutely insane that they would remove it. Wow. 

This is by far the best joke I have seen. I can't believe, that Spotify thinks we are that stupid! Now I am getting really angry...

I mailed Spotify support 4 months ago in December 2015. I told them, my Playlist notifications wouldn't work. I had contact with one guy for several weeks trying to get those notifications working again. He tried to change settings and I tried over and over again. Suddenly I got a mail from another Spotify guy, telling me they can't help me right now, but many users would have reported this issue and that they are investigating it. In mailed them even 4 weeks ago because I haven't heard from them again. They told me again they were investigating this issue.
Now they seriously want to make me believe that this is NOT a bug, but that they didn't want to spam the users????
1. They could have told me about it from the first weeks if this was the case.
2. Users would just have to click the darn bell icon and "spamming" would end because the notifications then were marked as seen.
3. Why not let users decide about it in the settings, if it was no bug, if it was functioning properly???

Stupid, stupid customers... Take the money and dump them.
Just bad, you Spotify guys have a forum where users can discuss about things.

If anyone needs proof about my mail conversation, I will try to leave you a link where you can follow up on it.
And to answer the question: Next they will probably remove the music. It is spamming the users, always making noises.
Then they want you to pay for having a nice looking program on your Desktop.

I think Deezer got the same features and they are clever enough to not remove them. Just as a hint from someone who will probably change the service soon.

What's the point of still being able to follow artists, when you don't get notifications about new releases?!?!


A very very stupid decision from Spotify!! I think, it's time to leave!!