[Playlists] Notification of freshly added Tracks

As I just had to find out from Spotify support, they removed playlist notifications from Spotify.

The notifications are being disabled and soon they will disappear for all users. You can still get notifications via e-mail though. You can set that up here

If you'd like the notifications back, feel free to post on the Spotify Community.
At the moment new songs added to playlists you follow will no longer be denoted.

We've made the change as of December. It's not a technical issue, we'd mainly like to avoid "spamming" our users.

As of last year also the blue dot indicator (next to the playlists) was removed, there is now way anymore to tell if new songs got added to a playlist - besides email notifications.
But I don’t want email notifications. I want these notifications within the app itself.
At least make it configurable which notifications you want to see when clicking on the notification button.

What's the next thing they're going to remove?

Who also wants playlist notifications back?
Leave some

Updated: 2016-05-24

Hey everyone. We recently gave an update on these notifications over here. We're going to mark this thread as "not right now". To make sure you have your email and push notifications set up the way you'd like, check out the steps here.

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Please stop deciding what spamming is for us!


Make it optional so people who don't use need to opt-in manually , but PLEASE bring it back for the users that were relying on the feature to communicate with their friends and family. Spotify's social aspect is one of the most important reasons, if not THE reason, I didn't make the switch to Apple Music.

My friend and I keep in contact through Spotify and adding songs to a collaborative playlists.. Keeping in contact through music has been a beautiful and rewards experience in our relationship- this feature added so much more! Please bring it back!!
Pleeeeease bring back this feature!!

I also miss the blue dot indicator, and next to that also the notifications when something is added to a playlist. This was a very useful and important feature for me.


I understand you want to keep spamming to a minimum, but then turn it off by default and make it optional if users want it to use it. 

Love to see it back!


Hay anyone actually reported this was spam? This is the dumbest explanation I've heard. Are my email notification also spam? Should Apple go ahead and kill them? Just preposterous.

Music Fan
Please, bring it back. Make Spotify a social media app again.

Why deactivate the notifications for everyone ? Some of us rely on it ! Just give us a switch ! As a premium member I really hate this way of doing things. If I have to, I won't hesitate to go to concurrence.


I can't believe they disabled this feature, it was so useful at least for me. Let us at least decide wether it's spam or not. I'm really thinking on leaving spotify, they don't seem to care for their users.


darn why the hell they remove features instead of making them OPTIONAL. It should not be so hard to have as such:


I want to receive notifications from playlists I follow:
[checkbox] E-Mail

[checkbox] In-App

Gig Goer

I have both email and push notifications enabled for playlist updates (and lots more), and yet I get neither. (Yes, I've checked the spam folder, and the email address is correct.)


The only notifications I've gotten the last three months - despite the fact that several artists I follow have released new albums - are for two singles. I've gotten both of those twice to all my spotify devices. Thanks.


I follow a lot of playlists, but with no indication when they're updated (notifications/blue dot) I've pretty much stopped checking them for new content. :(