[Playlists] Number of freshly added Tracks next to Playlist

In the latest update ( the notification number next to my playlists is gone. I follow a lot of playlists and checked every time when a playlist was updated and which tracks were added (blue dot). Please let me discover new music this way again!

Updated on 2019-03-07

Hey folks,


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We're switching this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Gig Goer

I think the reason is still originated in the change of the UI framework from platform-based to platform-independent. But come on, is it so hard to feature a number at the end of the list in the new framework ?

How its looks like at my still used 0.9.x SpotifyHow its looks like at my still used 0.9.x Spotify
Currently its the only feature why i still use 0.9.x, if you implement it, i will upgrade, because the new version has some advantages (e.g. exact release date).

The ongoing removal of community and user playlists features leads to the consumption that Spotify tries to reduce all user-generated and community-driven playlists and tries to bind the majority of the users to the recommendation-engine driven "Discover Weekly", "Release Radar" and the "Mixtapes" and everything they recommend / generate. 

Gig Goer

I can't believe that we are so few people that stil uses 0.9.x .. I HATE that versione! It's so old! Please Spotify, let me use the new one! 😕

Casual Listener

Hi it's a good idea.

but why after 2 years we don't see this idea in app???

Gig Goer

It seems Spotify doesn't care about user

Gig Goer

Spotify please let me update your client! I still use the old one just to have that old playlist update notification! 

Gig Goer


updated get a number next to playlist to show the new additions to the playlistupdated get a number next to playlist to show the new additions to the playlistSince yesterday the "New Releases"-Section is broken for all users of the 0.9.x - Versions.
Therefore its about time to use the new release, even if its still only targeting casual users that follow a handful of playlists.... The new spotify version is still not useable for real music lovers that follow about 100 playlists, because the user can't keep track of changes in the playlists, like it was possibble in 0.9.x with this handy feature of notification numbers... If you really believe these numbers scare the casual user, then integrate a checkbox in the configuration for switching that feature on/off.

Music Fan

After such a long time, it's very strange that it has not been introduced, think it's very hard to have to go into each playlist you follow to see if something new has been added.

/ Gunnar

Casual Listener

Was that meant in a sarcastic way @Gunnar5000? 😉


Some people do have more than 10, 20 lists they follow so to check each of them all the time is............

Music Fan

Deleted comment. Suggest using Zapier, but apparently it only works on playlists you've created.


What is the notification on my app icon? I can't figure out how to clear the number. I'm on android. Thanks.