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[Playlists] Play multiple selected Playlists

Sometimes I'm getting tired of listening to a specific playlist or style, so I want to listen to a mix of playlists.
It would be great to have a function to select multiple playlists to play.

Updated on 2019-01-15

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


After speaking to the right teams, we're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as it isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




So this has not been enabled yet, huh?  I totally agree.  I don't want to have to maintain multiple playlists.  A good example of what we're talking about is wanting to continue to build the individual playlists, however we should not have to revisit the Combined playlist(s) and add those songs again.  The combined list should just pull from the individual playlist.  I have a Praise playlist and a Worship playlist.  I would like to be able to create a Praise and Worship playlist that simply points to the songs on those individual playlists, whatever they are at the time.  Sometimes I want to listen to one or the other and I add songs to them based on that however sometimes I want to listen to a shuffle of them all and want to make sure newly added songs are included without having to add them to multiple lists.


Please can all people who see this and are subscribed to this post vote at the top of this page, this is the main way in which Spotify will take notice.


I think this idea is already existing but no one notice it already exist. 

Queueing another whole playlist is already a feature. That already could do the same idea you are proposing

But the only thing missing is support for shuffle on queued tracks.
That only works on one playing playlist and album tho


1 big shuffle button, trough ALL the music of spotify, it would be always a surprise what there would be played. Old or new music, all different kind of styles. I think it would be great fun to discover new music in this way or to find classic songs which you didn't knew the title of.


Sounds like a good idea?


I know hundreds of people who has asked for this quite a while.

I've been waiting and waitning but nothing happens, days turned to weeks, weeks to moths, and months to year! Therefor I also try to put some pressure on this! C'omon SPOTIFY, you are already the best, but always room for emprovement, right!? 🙂

QUOTE kadan12

"Sometimes folks will make a bunch of different playlists for different genre's of music, but then want to listen to multiple different playlists at once.  Instead of copy pasting everything in both of those playlists to make one new mix (and then ending up with 5 mix playlists) why not let people choose multiple playlists to play at once?  Just a click one to play, right click another to include it in the currently playing music type of thing." END QUOTE.


Should be quite easy. Click one playlist, then an option (for ex "Play, Que, Mix with"), then mark wich other playlist/s, then if you have shuffle on, spotify temporarily treat them as one!

Maybe a good feature in this could be that it resets when pressed STOP, but not when PAUSED or manually queuing.





yes..pls i would like to play multiple playlist at the same time. my moods change frequently, sometimes i just want a different mix of songs from my playlist so it's a hassle to create new playlist everytime.


Hi all,

I am a software developer and I am working on a web page that would allow something along these lines. It would allow you to create playlists quickly based on selections of your other playlists.

Please can you reply here if you think that this is something you might use and if there is enough interest I will make it available.




kmjones77 I would be very interested! Would it be through the Spotify playlists we already have created? Thanks!


Isn't it possible to just play mixed from selected playlists without Creating sth new 

This creating list is annoying in this case 


I too can't understand what the big deal is.  If Spotify is shuffling one playlist, why is it so hard to include other playlists with it?  It would allow the users to easily mix it up depending on their mood.  I am very interested myself in this feature.  Seems something the customers really want so why isn't Spotify implementing it?  If I could understand their reasoning, the denial of the feature would be easier to take.