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[Playlists] Play multiple selected Playlists

Sometimes I'm getting tired of listening to a specific playlist or style, so I want to listen to a mix of playlists.
It would be great to have a function to select multiple playlists to play.

Updated on 2019-01-15

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


After speaking to the right teams, we're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as it isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Would love to be able to shuffle multiple playlists depending on my mood.  I already have or follow almost 50 playlists and I dont want to just mix playlists together to create even more, i want to keep my core playlists and then shuffle a couple or more at a time depending on my mood.  All music has a time and place, throw in what mood im in and you never know what I want to hear.  Would love to shuffle between playlists.


I've been wanting this feature for a long time!


Would've been great for christmas.

Listening just my christmas playlist gets kind of boring after an hour, so i just wish i could select the christmas playlist and another playlist and just mix-play those two playlists.

Or maybe even 3 or 4 different playlists.

Love this idea!!! Please Spotify! My friends and I are looking for this feature of selecting several playlist and play them in shuffle mode.

If the queue supported generically a "shuffle now" option, than which ever playlists + songs + artists + etc... could be added and the shuffled. Thanks.


Yep this would be great! I've got multiple diferent categories of music for different times; i.e, dinner music, accoustic, dance etc.


Sometimes i'd like to be able to cobine dinner music and accounstic, other times i'd just prefer to play one playlist...



C'mon spotify, make this happen.


When it will be? And dont forget about android version.


I have playlists each for each band... so I want to mixed more bands together... randomly, by my taste 🙂


Right now, the only way is to create subdirs... but this is **bleep**ing anoying 😞


btw. in winamp, there was a function for this in content menu called "enqueue in winamp" So hurry up, I waiting for this from the beginning of Spotify...


I wanted to quit from Spotify, but only DEEZER support it, but not on android :((( so I stay with you... but once somebody will have it, I switch from you...


I want it too, and if possible i could tell it to play blocks of 3 or 4 songs of each playlist would be great!! 

Hello everyone, welcome to the community!


There is already a feature that you can use to (shuffle-)play multiple playlists at once: Playlist Folders.


To use playlist folders, take this steps:


1. In the Spotify window, choose File→New Playlist Folder. (Ctrl+Shift+N)

A text box appears on the left sidebar.


2. Type your folder name in the text box and press Enter.


3. Drag and drop playlists into the folder you want to play at once.


You can now play the created Playlist Folders as regular playlist =D






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Hi there @user-removed.


Thanks for the suggestion about playlist folders. This is an interesting feature that I have started using but it is not the same as being able to combine multiple playlists into a single playlist.


This is becuase it moves the playlist into a sub-folder which you might not want to do, you might want to play playlist 1, 3, and 5. Then 10 minutes later play playlist 5, 6 & 7. This would become nasty using folders. Folders are a more permanent solution to a different problem.