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I can't believe this hasn't migrated from the Get Satisfaction site - Spotify is in dire need of Smart Playlists. iTunes and Media Monkey have hgihly intelligent smart playlist functions, which is great for offlining big playlists in a useful way. I, for example, have a huge starred playlist which I simply can't offline without seriously compromising the speed of my iPhone and more particularly, the Spotify app. If I could restrict it to 100 random songs that I haven't played in the last 6 months, then I could just sync nightly, and listen to a selection of my favorite songs, without causing performance issues. Currently, I have to create playlists manually using Spotibot with my Last.fm loved tracks, which is hassle.

Updated on 2018-08-28


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We're currently keeping this as 'Not Right Now', however rest assured we'll post here if we have any other information to share.





^^ This.


I think this is a deal-breaking feature for me. I've evaluated Spotify for about a month, and I like it, but on my drive home, I want to hear "songs in my 'Good songs' playlist that I haven't heard or skipped in the past 4 months in order of play count", like I can easily do on my iPod using iTunes. I don't want to put any more effort into a Spotify switchover unless this is coming up. I really do want to switch, as I'd like to use my Android phone instead of my iPod for music.


Is something like this on the roadmap? Is there some workaround? Or are enough people just satisfied with "shuffle this playlist", which starts the shuffle over every time, that you're not going to implement it?



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fez, have you used spotify onyour android? I ask because lots of people seem to have problems with it...


I was thinking about this too. Great idea!

Intelligent playlists based on my favorites.

The wheel has already been invented in iTunes.




Smart playlists so, for example, you can create a plylist with tarcks you have added within the last 2 months.

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Smart Playlists are really important for anyone not streaming everything on the iPhone and would make my switching from iTunes complete. I desperately need this feature. I would use it to create playlists with the last 500 added songs (newest on top), based on genre playlists I keep. Also to sort the starred playlist by newest additions limited to 500. So there's always the newest songs on the iPhone without having to worry about space. Because if these playlists grow, making them available offline will become impossible and one would have to split playlists all the time.
Definitely needs to happen. I am wasting way too much of my life obsessing over playlists. Also when listening to the library on shuffle and something terrible comes up and I want to delete it I have to spend ages trying to find which folder it's in. Ideally itunes will one day just bite the bullet and become a spotify like streaming service. But there is one simple function in spotify which itunes is lacking; In spotify you can click on the artist name or album name to isolate that artist/album. (It would be nice if you could click on the record label name aswell.) And then if they just had an iphone app that doesn't keep crashing everything would be perfect.
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To illustrate the extent of this problem:

- I start up Soptify in the morning

- I right-click on a playlist and select Start Playlist Radio

- Spotify generates a queue of 50 tracks. Of these, 48 are repeats of tracks that have been played within the past few days and 2 are new. This is consistent. Every time it generates a new 50 track queue there are 1 or 2 new tracks and the rest are repeats.


For this reason I have cancelled my premium subscription and will listen to Rdio.

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Berty2001  I love your random once idea!!     Something's got to be done with 'shuffle'.  In trying to search for my concern, I seen so many posts referencing shuffle.  I would think this would be an option available in ever format, paid or not.  Users should be able to choose whether or not they want a shuffle option, and if they do, they should be able to customize it

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Please make this happen. I desperately want to switch to spotify but cannot until this feature is available