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I can't believe this hasn't migrated from the Get Satisfaction site - Spotify is in dire need of Smart Playlists. iTunes and Media Monkey have hgihly intelligent smart playlist functions, which is great for offlining big playlists in a useful way. I, for example, have a huge starred playlist which I simply can't offline without seriously compromising the speed of my iPhone and more particularly, the Spotify app. If I could restrict it to 100 random songs that I haven't played in the last 6 months, then I could just sync nightly, and listen to a selection of my favorite songs, without causing performance issues. Currently, I have to create playlists manually using Spotibot with my Last.fm loved tracks, which is hassle.

Updated on 2018-08-28


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We're currently keeping this as 'Not Right Now', however rest assured we'll post here if we have any other information to share.




Since Spotify doesn’t see this as a need or value would it be OK if I had someone build this capability and then offer it for a nominal fee.

I couldn't agree more... I miss this so much. Especially I often miss artists in mood-lists. 


I think this post describes smart playlists functionality very well.


The only reason I keep apple music is a smart playlist, I called "best now", with the most recent songs I liked, sorted by adding date, excluding songs I skipped more than three times. This is always up-to-date with the songs I like and it's the only playlist I listen to. Why don't you do something similar?


Ok that sounds great, but does this work on the phone itself? I mean, without syncing every day. Because I remember being able to create smart playlists, in iTunes, but when I sync them to my phone, they are no longer "smart", they are just copied over with the songs they contain at the specific moment of copying.

If they stay live-updating on the phone, then hello apple music!


Liking/Saving a song is now a several-step process: 


  1. Save it to Library (cause you want it there for Spotify's Made For You)
  2. Add it to you custom made playlist for the Artist
  3. Add it to you custom made playlist for Recent Discovered Songs or/and Recently Played Songs

#1 and #2 is espesially interesting. 


Since Spotify doesn't have more metadata like Genre (at least in public), that's what interesting for now. Besides, my experience from Apple Music is that Genre is somewhat sketchy. Remember, all of the metadata are imported from the artists record label (or whatever) and they are not consistent, the genre scene is really a jungle.

Casual Listener

1,101 votes.  Can you please allow Smart Playlists.  I don't want to go back to using iTunes, but they have had smartlists for a decade, and Spotify still don't!


How can this functionality not exist in 2019 on a premium service when has been available on the (free) iTunes app for nearly a decade?  Spotify programmers should be embarrassed by how limited the Spotify app is after all this time.  


Has anyone tried https://smartplaylistsforspotify.co.uk/


Havnt registered yet as it (obviously) needs access to your spotify account, and I havnt had the **bleep** as I dont know if its legit