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I can't believe this hasn't migrated from the Get Satisfaction site - Spotify is in dire need of Smart Playlists. iTunes and Media Monkey have hgihly intelligent smart playlist functions, which is great for offlining big playlists in a useful way. I, for example, have a huge starred playlist which I simply can't offline without seriously compromising the speed of my iPhone and more particularly, the Spotify app. If I could restrict it to 100 random songs that I haven't played in the last 6 months, then I could just sync nightly, and listen to a selection of my favorite songs, without causing performance issues. Currently, I have to create playlists manually using Spotibot with my Last.fm loved tracks, which is hassle.

Updated on 2018-08-28


Thanks for coming to the Community, and continuing to share your votes on the idea for Smart Playlists.


We're currently keeping this as 'Not Right Now', however rest assured we'll post here if we have any other information to share.




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@Rocio, Please encourage your developers to look at Media Monkey or iTunes for inspiration when designing this. Key points are, it should be easy to use, and flexible. Everyone will have a different idea of how best to use this, the important thing would be to make sure as many people as possible can do what they want. It will probably be important to up the number of tags (genre, number or plays, last played, etc etc)

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We also need Spotify to support syncing with iTunes' own Smart Playlists!  Right now, it only imports regular playlists.



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Status changed to: Not Right Now

I don't understand why Itunes playlist importation is a problem for smart playlists. mSpot worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, mspot is no more. I was hoping that Spotify had improved.


@rocio you suggestion does NOT work.


when you select another playlist it gets added to the end of the queue. It does not replace it.



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This is the single most glaring gap in Spotify, and I'm amazed it hasn't been sorted by now.  For me, I want a playlist that will show me tracks I have starred in the past x months, or in a specific date range (e.g. Starred in 2011). Come on Spotify, this can't be that hard!

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How can this not be considered an essential feature. As a subscription feature at the very least it is so basic yet makes offlining songs onto mobile so much easier to use. I don't want to download every song I've ever added or have to manually create a new playlist everytime I want to listen to something new!!


Smart Playlists would be perfect, and I'm missing them pretty badly.  However, I'm sure that if it's implemented missing a few things such as date-added or date-released or last-played then users will go ape schitt.


You will do this one eventually, won't you Spotify??


@Rocio - how can this be marked as "not right now".... how far off are we from having smart playlists? if spotify wants to compete with itunes and mediamonkey, this needs to be implemented ASAP. I would consider this one of the MAJOR FEATURES THAT SPOTIFY IS LACKING AGAINST COMPETITORS.


There was a time when SPL didn't exist and the world still turned. I'd love this feature but what are you going to do. Maybe its already built into spotify??? Ever think about that. Well you can listen to your top tracks? in Top Lists Just change Everywhere to For Me.