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[Playlists] Solution to false/abusive reporting

Whenever someone reports a playlist - the title and cover art are removed immediately. This is often abused to hurt record labels and playlist curators. After contacting support - the account of someone who abused this system gets taken down. This person then creates another email and free Spotify account and repeats the process. 


There is a simple solution to the problem - enable reporting feature only after 10 hours of music/podcasts were streamed using the account. It won't change the experience for a normal user but makes copyright abuse impractical. It's cheap and easy to implement and would stop 95% of false claims.


Thank you for your consideration. 

Updated on 2021-06-14

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The same basic message. Different country. Different additional info.
It was an automatic takedown.
I wouldn't worry. You're just being targetted by someone who doesn't "like" your playlist.

Are you a paying subscriber?

If they want to play Russian Roulette with all their subscribers (lol), that's entirely their perogative.

Weird part is, that you have no ability to appeal.

If I were you, I'd simply give the Python script a go. It doesn't do images, but it renames the playlist (back to exactly what it was before) and adds a new description (can be exactly what you had before as well).

Note the times that it is happening as well. If the times are random, then there is a human perp at play.

You have nothing to lose (other than your account), which if you're a paying customer, I'm sure they'd rather not do.


Yes, yaktam, my subscription is Premium Family. This happened for the first time a few months ago, but they didn't threaten to delete my account. I ignored it and put the name of the playlist as it was before. Now I received this message. Thank you very much for Python's recommendation, but my doubt is that they will reach the point of deleting the playlist. I talked to the stupid Spotify bot and the only recommendation he gives is: put the playlist in private. This is ridiculous.


Somehow, I don't think they will delete the playlist. I have yet to hear of this happening to anyone, in this community.

Once again, unless they can help you with the WHY, keep on renaming the playlist as it was before. Have a copy ready, in case they actually do delete it. And keep asking why "specifically" they want you to change the playlist name or make it private.

And of course, if you grow tired of renaming it manually, try out the script!


Thanks yaktam, I will rename with the same name again. The threat to delete my account is what caught my attention. The issue is that I can't appeal the report because there is no support. The bot is useless. Does Spotify have an email address? This whole situation is ridiculous because they don't even do an analysis. As soon as someone reports it, the playlist title is immediately removed.


Don't worry about the threat to delete your account. I have been on the
same issue (repeated playlist takedowns 2 - 3 times a day at random hours)
and have a similar script running on for almost a month. Prior to
that I had to manually update my playlist name for the past 4 - 5 months, 2
to 3 times a day.

My account hasn't been deleted yet! If you are a paying customer, Spotify
will not help you protect your playlist but they will try to keep your
account to get your $$$,


Thank you very much, WilliamLiu. Now I'm relieved. I will continue renaming the playlist. Tomorrow I will look for the recommended scripts. Greetings to everyone who helped me.

I got mine sorted.

My best advice to give is to the following:

Contact them via X (formally Twitter) and request that they 'whitelist' your playlist.

This worked for me.



This is interesting, drawsta_j, because I read the first few messages in this post and many say that contacting Spotify on X didn't work. I don't think they will pay any attention to my appeal, since I don't live in the EU (as they said in my email). But I will try.



Fabulous news. That is the first time someone has mentioned contacting Spotify via X.

It appears that @SpotifyCares is the place to go for official Spotify Support.

Thanks a bundle for the info drewsta_j.

If this turns out to be true, and there is a non-techie solution to this lunacy, all the non-techies out there will be thrilled!


HAHAHAHAHA... These three messages can be found on pages 3 and 4. I personally don't think it will change much (I repeat, in the email they sent me, they clearly say that anyone who doesn't live in the EU has no right to appeal, or meaning, you have no right to defend yourself), but if perhaps there is widespread spam from the community on X, perhaps they will pay attention to this issue. I don't know, did you contact @SpotifyCares, drewstar_j?