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[Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists

There should be stats available for every playlist like number of listeners, most played song, etc.

This can help people know how they're playlist is doing and what's the best.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to vote for this idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Right now, we don't have plans to make statistics like this available so we're keeping this as 'Not Right Now'.

We'll continue to pass your feedback on to teams here, and will keep you posted if we have any updates. 




Beste idea ever, also for DJ's!


It's quite strange that artists can see how many plays they get from each playlist, but not the other way around. The only feature playlist holders are looking for is the stream count per song in their playlist.

Of course other statistics are welcome as well.. 


Come on Spotify, you have seen that there is a lot of interest in such statistics, the votes don't lie. 

Please lead me know, why you are not considering this feature, thanks a lot    


2 years after your 'not right now" status, but we still want that feature !

Casual Listener

Why is this not already available!!?  We need this for sure.


I am not an artist nor label.  I am, however, technically a distributor, but I don't qualify as a distributor on Spotify due to its extremely narrow definition of "distributors".  Technically I am more of a music curator than a distributor, but really the 2 things are the same. 


I don't own the rights to any music at all, however, I work with multiple labels to help promote their music across platforms.  They pay me for my services.  I am an independent music promoter/curator.


I need stats on my playlist to see if it is actually relevant!  What if I am trading song posting to playlists but my playlist has no listeners?  That would be no fair!  I need stats.  Plus, what if what I'm doing isn't engaging my fans on this platform?!  I have no feedback AT ALL regarding engagement.  I AM A PAID PROFESSIONAL, and I CANNOT  ACCESS ENGAGEMENT STATS?!!!  It makes me wonder why I am bothering with this platform.


I have stopped paying for Spotify premium because of this, and I vow never to return until this issue is fixed.  Spotiy's ignorant decision to not allow professional promoters and curators with hundreds of thousands of followers across their platforms to see basic playlist statistics is repulsive.  I can only hope they can come around and see this truth.