[Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists

There should be stats available for every playlist like number of listeners, most played song, etc.

This can help people know how they're playlist is doing and what's the best.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to vote for this idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Right now, we don't have plans to make statistics like this available so we're keeping this as 'Not Right Now'.

We'll continue to pass your feedback on to teams here, and will keep you posted if we have any updates. 




On 8tracks you find important stats such as % of skips for each track.

I am SURE in-house curators have this feature (¿in Puma?) for themselves.



Brilliant Idea – love it! 

Casual Listener

I like this idea. I also think it'll be cool to see how many plays a particular track gains from being on a given playlist. Especially when the playlist has a lot of followers.


I want this too!


Would be so awesome to see stats like this


Please implement listening history analytics. Even if its just the ability to export the raw data ourselves. Obvs better for you to visualise it and stuff within your own platform. But, the spotify community clearly votes for this to be on the near roadmap. 


The skip rate of individual tracks of any playlist is a key feature that allows independent curators (i.e. non inhouse curators) to make any playlist better: tracks with a low skip rate might climb positions on the playlist; and those tracks with a higher skip rate will possibly stay not too long on the playlist - or yes, but this is a decision of the curator.


it is clear that inhouse curators have access to lots of this kind of information. We do not need so much. But the skip rate is essential. Could you consider integrating it?


Note:in principle you can keep this feature "secret" (i.e. only for the curators), because it might be less diplomatic to see that artist x has a high skip rate on a particular playlist.


it won't let me vote on the side.. but I second this! edit: had to become a community member. Furthermore! I like the idea of keeping the analytics private to the curator such that they can make informed decisions on what songs are doing well on their playlist! At a minimum there should be a "monthly listeners" feature at the top of the playlist!




I’d like to see this implemented for sure. I always wonder how many people are currently listening to my playlist. Or which songs are being played the most. It would make using Spotify more fun if you had access to information like this.