[Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists

There should be stats available for every playlist like number of listeners, most played song, etc.

This can help people know how they're playlist is doing and what's the best.

Updated on 2018-08-29

Hey everyone,

Thanks for continuing to vote for this idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Right now, we don't have plans to make statistics like this available so we're keeping this as 'Not Right Now'.

We'll continue to pass your feedback on to teams here, and will keep you posted if we have any updates. 




Please do this! This would add so much value for artists and playlist curators on Spotify!


I would realy love to see this geting into spotify. it can help my playlist grow and making the people lisening to the playlist already stay longer. It can help me with to see witch kind of music style is lacing in my playlist and to see what the people like the most. rigth now my playlist is growing with 50 followers each day but i know i could make it better and this will help me!


Would be really useful.


Absolutely support this. Imagine the insights that Spotify can gain from our listening habits. Another idea can be to show stats with a listeners most listened to and favourite genre's. There should be some sort of dashboard available. 



This would be an awesome feature and would be very helpful to costumize your playlist against your subscribers. 🙂

Gig Goer

Great idea! Do it 🙂

Newbie has a lot of the functionality for tracking your own listens, but I'd also be curious to see statistics on my playlists with a few or more followers.


Could someone of spotify give an update on this. As a owner of a 13k playlist I'm really interested to push my playlist, but i can't find any tool that will help.


Maybe it could be a feature for premium users i would love to see that in the future🙂

Music Fan

Would love to be able to view statistics on my listening patterns. I'm a big fan of the EOY "Your Top Songs" playlist, but being able to access that data on demand through the year would be ideal.