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[Playlists] Turn Off/Remove/Opt Out of "Your Episodes"

Currently, downloaded podcasts are automatically added to the "your episodes" playlist (whether you want them there or not). They are not automatically removed when you un-download them. Additionally, is a pain to remove each episode from the playlist, you have to perform at least three steps. This feature, as it currently exists, serves little more purpose than to be a duplicate of the "downloads" tab. 


In sum, users should be able to choose whether or not they utilize the "your episodes" playlist feature and have greater control over how it functions. 

Updated on 2021-07-01

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I completely agree with this. It’s very annoying.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2021-03-11

Marked as a new idea. Thanks for bringing your suggestions to the Spotify Community. You might also be interested in this related idea.


I agree with NG26 too.  It's particularly annoying that a podcast playlist turns up in the MUSIC section of Spotify - you're messing up your own beautifully clear design.    I couldn't even find a way to move this playlist down my 'custom' order of playlist display - I want to be able to put my own playlists at the top of the list please, not something created by a bot...


I can't second this enough. It's aggravating to download a podcast from my feed, only to have it automatically get added to "your episodes", but then if I remove the podcast from the playlist, it removes the download. It works very well to have an overarching category for "music" and a separate one for "podcasts". I don't need or want a playlist of my podcasts in my music playlists.


I do not understand the benefit of this. I'm sure some people will like it for reasons, but your duplicating the management I have to do. The fact that I can't uncheck the episode without it deleting from my device is a bad experience. You're forcing one method when I was managing just fine without it.


the lack of ability to remove a podcast from the playlist without removing the download is ridiculous. It shouldn't be presented as two different features if they're completely linked. terrible "feature" that adds no functionality at all, since downloaded podcasts automatically play the next one anyway.....


I completely agree with NG26 100%. The "Downloads" tab suffices perfectly. "Your Episodes", in addition to serving no useful purpose, actually makes the user experience worse. Spotify, if you're in love with the name "Your Episodes", just make that the title of the downloads tab.


Please please please remove this automatic function. I don't need a my episode playlist made for me; I already have one in the form of my downloads section. 


New idea: Stop adding garbage features no one asked for, tell your designers to browse Twitter when they're pretending to be productive like everyone else


In case anyone else end up here frustrated like I was. You can remove a podcast from "your episodes" by using the three dots in the upper right corner of the podcast item in the playlist. Then hit remove from playlist. Any use of the small download circle and checkmark with remove both.