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[Playlists] expand playlist song limit

there is a 10k songs limit pls expand it 

Updated on 2023-05-01

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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I neeed it, please


Can we tag a Spotify administrator here? Long overdued 


I have submitted my feedback.  If Spotify truly value this community, please kindly respond. Thanks. 


Please remove the limit of 10,000 songs for playlists. I have a playlist that is intended to be an eclectic encyclopedia of all the good music I find in my searching. I just reached 10,000 songs in it and now I’m not able to continue adding more, which is snuffing the usefulness of the app. There’s no reason to be cut off at 10,000 songs when we are paying for this service. The cap is arbitrary, there’s no reason a playlist can’t or shouldn’t fit as many songs as people desire. Increase the download max for playlists if possible too please. 


Send Noah's playlist to the moon 🚀🌝


I just started using Spotify a week ago and began building my playlist. 

But as it reached 10953 Songs it told me, that the capacity of my playlist has reached its limit and I have to start a new one. 😯

Unfortunately I only saw that message after I had tried to add another 50 Albums or so. 😣

I don't want more than one playlist! 😞

I want ONE playlist that contains ALL the music I like, so I can hear ALL my music, not just parts of it.

My own library of bought CDs (in Hardware) contains approximately  13000 Songs. I bought Spotify premium because I wanted to EXTEND my music list, not to reduce it! 😠

If I have to split it up in several playlists that would mean, I have to make a choice, which music I don't want to hear, and I don't want to make that choice.

By building my playlist I chose, what I WANT to hear. Now I don't want that list limited again. 🤔



Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Updated on 2021-03-23

Hello there!

It looks like your idea was posted a while ago but, unfortunately, it hasn't gathered the minimum amount of votes to stay active in the Ideas Exchange (50 votes in the first 3 months). I'll mark your idea as "Closed - Not Enough Votes". You can learn more on how the Ideas Exchange works here.

Have a nice day 🙂



I hate that you can only add 10 000 songs on your playlist.
My playlist just reached 10 000 songs and I’d love to be able to make it longer because I want all of my favourite songs on the same list.


I've been a Premium member so long I don't even remember when I started - I have a badge of 7 years, but I'm pretty sure it's been longer than that.


Regardless, I love Spotify! I truly do. The primary affinity I had with the app was my ability to pick and choose what songs I wanted in a playlist. Instead of an entire album with songs I didn't like, I could select the songs I did, and the idea to add however many songs I wanted into one playlist? This was heaven sent!


For many years, I have been slowly building my primary playlist with songs that I love. Spotify initially had a feature of Starred songs, which was eventually replaced with Liked songs. As I built my primary playlist, I found these added features useful for selecting elite songs that I could listen to over and over again, but my primary playlist and the ability to hit random has always been my go to source for ear candy


I state all this because I recently hit a 10,000 song limit on my primary playlist, am being prevented from adding songs to this playlist, and come here to request this limit be removed. I have looked through the Community to see what responses had been made on the subject and to my shock, noted that members had complained of this as far back as 2014. 2014?! Seriously? When I hit the 8000 mark a few years back, I thought to myself, "Wow, that would be both an accomplishment on my part and add love for Spotify when I were to surpass 10,000 songs to my primary playlist." And I am now led to understand that this isn't something I can do? With, if I understand correctly, your own response being 'Just make another playlist'?

What?! That's not the same thing, at all.

In the post made back in 2014, which by the way had something like 250+ responses (the last of which coming back in 2018, to which I can only assume the thread was shut down) asking that this feature, or lack thereof, be removed. In reviewing this, I came to learn, apparently a main competitor of Spotify, Apple Music, in fact allows their users to add more than 10,000 songs.

Seriously, Spotify? How is this even an issue? I find it hard to believe you were not aware long ago that users would love the idea of being able to build as large of a playlist as they could. The only thing that I can conclude is this is due to data consumption? Which in the age of the cloud shouldn't even be an issue. But even if so, at least allowing users to have one playlist that can exceed this limit, especially for premium members, at this point seems, not just a no-brainer, but in line with what a user such as myself initially loved about Spotify, that is, a playlist filled with songs to my heart's content.


With that said, I hope you will give this idea serious consideration and see the value in changing your current policy for those of us who fell in love with a music app that fulfilled users love of music.

With love,



Please this is like my one dealbreaker.  Apple Music does not have playlist limits.  I know well over 10000 songs well as i have been listening to music since I had ears.  I would very much like to have them all in one playlist (fits my OCD nature)


Please make this happen.  I know alot more people than you know would be happy