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Please Bring Back the new music every Friday.

Its so disappointing to not be able to go into Hip Hop genre and see any new music easily. This was something I looked forward to every week, but never gets updated anymore. Hard to continue to find new music for the genre I want


This is a very good idea, and an old one also for most of us listeners. As a great streaming service Spotify is, and different of the rest for so many reasons, I can't conceive it doesn't have a list with ALL the new releases uploaded through the week. Playlists are not bad, that's true, and you can discover new music, but unfortunately playlists have an end and it's very difficult to listen to something you don't know it exists. If the engineers/technicians on Spotify would change a little bit the API, it would be easier also to discover music. And if you do that here, the list I mean, on your app, it would be so much better and easier to the listeners discover new music. Make discovering music a pleasure again!