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Please add not interested or remove button on podcasts

A couple years ago you added a "not interested" button for music it looks like but none of that applies to podcasts? I know I'm not the only one that it makes me crazy if I've even listened to a moment of a podcast it starts coming up in my feed of new episodes. As a result it knocks all of the shows I'm actually following out of that list filling up the slots with shows I don't want or have any interest in and it's very irritating.  There's no way to remove those shows some of which I've only opened the show to see what it was about and suddenly they're in my what's new list and won't go away even after weeks. This is a very user unfriendly mechanism.  Please do something about this very reasonable request


When browsing for new podcasts you might listen to only a few seconds of a show before you realize that "Ehh, not for me!".
Head back to one of your favorite podcasts and when the episode is over, a new episode of something random will start playing and this "Ehh, not for me!" show reappears.
Make it possible to remove/block a specific podcast.


It's actually driving me mad. 


Listened to a few episodes of a podcast that has got progressively worse and I actually hate. Spotify defaults to a new episode every time I finish a different show, and it makes me want to scream!