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Please bring back the old algorithm and the niche Spotify curated playlists

New music discoverability has tanked. 


For a while I was a bit of a power-user. My headphones were always on. I loved Spotify during the early 2020s because of it's playlist algorithm. I could always find new and interesting music. It was always related so a sound I liked, but there was enough change where I would be able to find something I liked. I would tell people "I really love the spotify algorithm." 


In recent month's it's become stale, and I've been listening less. The AI DJ tool is incredibly repetitive. The "for you" playlists  "discover weekly" playlist is completely monolithic. It's in my most played genre, but they aren't standouts individually, so it's a lot of mid tracks instead. The "for you" playlists are all songs that are on my "liked songs playlist." I have a playlists for those songs already, I don't need Spotify to make one for me.


Changing the algorithm to favor diversity again would improve my experience. The human made playlists were great too. They created whole genres! The AI has not worked at all. I skip so many songs.


i agree! so strange some people still praise spotify’s playlists when it has nothing on youtube music. i am seriously considering switching. 


totally agree. if i want anything new now i just look for another user's playlist. if i wanted a playlist of songs i already like i would make it myself


Another price increase while the service only gets worse. I don’t want audio books, I have an app for that already, what I want is the app I was paying for to help me find new music and not constantly showing me things I have in my liked songs or on artists I already follow. This is the nail in the coffin for me and I can’t be alone in this. 
what are they thinking….