[Podcasts] Automatically save offline new Podcasts and remove completed Podcasts

Add the ability to have a podcast you follow automatically downloaded and deleted once you've listened to it all the way through.

Updated on 2019-10-18

Hey folks,
Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Thanks .


Spotify, why would you spend millions to sign people like Joe Rogan to your app exclusively but don't spend a couple of man hours to include a fundamental feature of every mobile podcasting app?


4 years worth of comments on auto downloading and nothing done? I drive OTR (over-the-road) and cannot tell you how many times I have illegally and unsafely fumble around to add podcasts that I want to listen to. Seems simple enough for you to add a function that allows a listener to 1) Add entire podcast to download/offline listening. 2) Auto delete after listening if user wishes. 3) Play order - I like to listen in ascending date order.


It's our data plan and storage capacity! Let us fill it how we want! Posted 9/14/2021 - Get with the times Spotify!!


Lots of votes and comments; but yet, last updated/reviewed the floated idea in 2019 ......I'm thinking that nobody's listening or reading these, apparently useless, suggestions at Spotify?

Wonderful that they give you a place to suggest & vent ....pretty crappy that nobody is actually paying any attention.

I tried to use it for a couple various podcasts; it's painful. Nicely done making Rogan exclusive ....I now listen to about a third of his episodes I use to, because of the lack of the auto downloads and the clumsy platform.

I am sure this will fall on deaf ears, but who knows .....maybe some spotify intern will be thumbing through the archives, and take it to the morning suggestion meeting ....."people seem to like the convenience of auto downloads and delete .....and everyone else has this option on their podcast app....maybe we should too?"

Intern; if you're listening - DO IT!         

  • C'mon this is an easy win, with more and more users forced into the Spotify ecosystem due to exclusivity deals please implement these basic features. 

Very disappointed that this feature is not in Spotify. I'm pretty shocked that it's been on the to-do list for so long, but apparently it's not important enough. Especially because Spotify claims to be the new Walhala for the podcast enthusiast. I hope new podcast listeners aren't driven away from podcasts by this underpowered functionality and inability to see the potential of real podcast apps.


Respectfully, why the **bleep** wouldn't you implement this feature ASAP? Are you guys not ramping up to become a dominant podcast platform? Every other podcasts app has this feature.

Casual Listener

It's great that Spotify wants to add exclusive podcast content, but content is just one piece of the puzzle.  A comparably-featured podcast client is as important as any content.  Spotify continues to use a music app as a defacto podcast app.  Podcasts are a different animal, which is why most podcast apps are designed with functionality to match their nature.  A few simple modifications could make this a basic podcast app and not just a music app that plays podcasts.