[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2020-05-04

Hi everyone!

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
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or at least implement a "Unplayed Podcast Episodes" feature on the Destkop Version instead of just on Android/IOS 😕
I have submitted an idea about that 

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Updated on 2017-10-22

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this is what is keeping from switching 100% over to Spotify. All the podcast's I listen to are in Spotify, but I don't always remember when new episodes come out. 



Excelent idea!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Updated on 2018-01-24

Hello! Our team of researchers are working to improve the podcast experience. To help us get a better idea of how push notifications would be useful, answer the following questions in the comments:


  1. Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows?
  2. Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify?



1. Yes - I have push notifications turned on for all of my shows. I get a push notification when a new show is available to listen to. 


2. It's useful because I subscribed to a lot of different types of shows and it's difficult to keep track of when a new episode comes out, especially if it's not a weekly podcast. It helps me stay on top of the things I care about more easily. I have been finding myself getting behind on shows, so in the interim, I'm still using the other app for the notifications so I that I know it's available to listen to on Spotify. It is a tedious system that would be solved by this addition. 


Hi BritBooth372,


We've passed your response on to the product team. 

Many thanks!






I use PocketCasts currently. It allows me to choose whether or not to receive notifications per podcasts, but I would be happy enough with a single "Podcast notifications" on/off toggle in settings.


Yes!! podcast notifications would be awesome!! with badge app icon capability too, this would allow for me to remember to check up on new stuff too. Also for new music posted, when artists you want notifications from post new stuff.  

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Pocketcasts sends a notification when a new episode of a podcast is released so you know to go download it and/or listen to it

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