[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2020-05-04

Hi everyone!

Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.
Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here, too.

If there are any updates, we'll let you know.



There are any news ? 


Is this feature working in real time for anyone else? Appears it was rolled out but I’m still not receiving real time push notification when a new episode has become available.


Podcasts are kind of hidden in the Spotify app and without the new episodes popping up it’s annoying having to look for them. In youtube they come to you..

Can we please fire whoever decided to sink development time into Spotify
Stories ahead of the basic functionality of notifications for new podcasts?

Wow the CS is horrible communicator. Only after couple of hours figuring all my phones characteristics out and reseting everything I got an email that this feature is not available on Android. They said to do everything apart from factory reset and after all that "oh this feature is not available on mobile app just yet". wth Spotify this is the most needed feature right now pleased make it happen. 


i know i wasn't crazy, i was like "where are my notifications at?!" ive been waiting for 6 months in hopes they would appear when joe does his first podcast today. MIssed an episode bc i didnt have a push, now i guess i have to manually check 


I still can't quite believe it's been 2 1/2 years since I added my feedback on this. It feel like it's an essential requirement for Podcasts and for it to sit in Good Ideas for another 7 months is ridiculous.


I've seen plenty of UI updates since then which add little to nothing to the general Spotify experience and this key feature is just sat here.


Exactly *insert Michael Scott banging on the table saying thank you gif*

The only update I've seen since it was added is there's a blue dot next to
the podcasts that have an in listened to episode.

Push notifications would be great

I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why I can't get push notifications for podcasts which led me to this thread.

First off, I can't believe the first comment was over 2 years ago.

Secondly, I thought Spotify was making a big push into podcasts with the joe rogan experience purchase yet they are missing a mission critical feature.

For someone who only listens to podcasts when it looks like an interesting episode, I don't go searching for them. Not having push notifications means I probably won't listen to them.

Wishing Joe Rogan was still on youtube/google podcasts app