[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2018-01-24

Hello! Our team of researchers are working to improve the podcast experience. To help us get a better idea of how push notifications would be useful, answer the following questions in the comments:


  1. Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows?
  2. Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify?


Casual Listener

Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows?


Yes, I used push notifications on Pocket Casts and I used them when I use Apple's Podcast App. I do use them for every single show I subscribe to, but I have a few friends who want to be able to control this per show since they subscribe to 15+ shows.


Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify?


Honestly, the only reason I do not use Spotify for Podcasts is because this feature is missing. I have a notification for every single podcast and when a new episode arrives I get notified so I can go listen. It makes it easier to follow since some shows have a schedule, but have bonus episodes from time to time. For example, Last Podcast on the Left.


I want to be able to click the three dots on a specific podcast and have an option that says Enable Push Notifications or something along those lines. I like to listen to podcasts from the beginning and once I catch up to the newest episode of said podcast, I would like to enable notifications about new episodes in order to stay caught up. I do not want to receive a notification about every new episode of every new podcast which is why I would like to enable the notification on a show-by-show basis.


I do not use any other podcast app at the moment because Spotify seems to be the only one which enables me to listen in the order I want to listen to without much hassle.


This and having a grid layout for podcasts would be enough for using spotify for all my podcasts. For the questions:

1. I use pocket casts for my podcasts,but will use Spotify more now that the besties are exclusively there (thanks for recurrecting that pod). There I subscribe to many podcastd but I only use notifications for the ones I listen to every episode of (about 20%).

2. When you dont listen every day it is a bit hard to keep track of the podcasts you like. Notifications are a good way to keep them more accessible (and probably bring up the usage of your app).


Ridiculous that this still hasn't been addressed, I'm still not using Spotify for my podcasts as there's no way of getting updates on when new episodes are added.


The podcast section has actually got worse




I'm sure apple do this through their own podcast app. Whenever a new episode of a podcast you follow comes out you receive a notification. 


1) I currently use Podcast Addict which notifies me of new episodes for every podcast as they release. It also notifies me of automatic downloads, though obviously Spotify does not have this feature. I use these notifications to immediately listen to specific podcasts (though most of my listening happens through an automatically sorted playlist of downloaded episodes, and Spotify does not have any of these features).


2) I use Spotify for the Spotify Original Podcast, The Besties. Today I recieved a notification from Podcast Addict that The Besties had uploaded an old episode to their old RSS feed which I am still subscribed to. This reminded me that The Besties may have had a new episode uploaded to Spotify. I went to Spotify and found that I had two unlistened episodes, the most recent uploaded a full week ago, with a new episode scheduled to upload today. Due to Spotify not having push notifications I was completely unaware of these episodes and I am not sure when I will remember to check Spotify for the newest episode. I don't expect updates to the old The Besties RSS feed regularly and, due to the lack of push notifications from Spotify, I'm not sure that I will ever regularly remember that a podcast I enjoy is available. Without push notifications there is absolutely zero possibility that I will migrate to Spotify for my regular podcast listening. I am currently subscribed to about 50 podcasts using Podcast Addict and push notifications are one of the few ways that this is viable. The lack of push notifications means that even when Spotify is creating Spotify Original content that I want to listen to, I am not listening to it because I'm unaware of it.


I use Castbox where I can customize notfiications on each podcast. I switch them on for news podcasts and leave them off for history, philosophy or other episodic podcasts. The use case for news podcasts is very important as I usually play them right from the notification bar of castbox when it comes up. Even though I want to use spotify as my premium account does not have ads, I end up using castbox because of this convenience. I can't believe this has been in the backlog for over 2 years.


1.  Yes, and it's essential to a podcast app.  I tried switching over to Spotify but I keep missing episodes of my favorites!  I don't have it enabled for all of them, but for the ones that are chronological it is vital to have this feature.  Some are time sensitive as well.  Nothing kills your buzz like having an episode you didn't even know was released spoiled for you.


2.  They're not just useful, they are again, essential, if Spotify wants to become a major player in the podcast app world.  Podcasts are not like songs that you can just randomly pick, and they come out at all different times.  Scrolling through the long list of all the updated podcasts seems like it would be enough, but what if I accidentally missed one that came out earlier because it was unscheduled, or a bonus episode?  Alerts to my phone let me know which podcasts have released episodes, and what the title is.  That way when I am ready, I can go back and find it through any screen.  Without these feature I'm not sure I can continue using Spotify alone.



I just want to say  that you should improve the podcasts experience on desktop too. Please. The difference between mobile and desktop is abysmal.

No easy way to find recent episodes, finding podcasts is difficult, sorting your podcasts is so basic, idk why so much difference.


This is huge for podcasts and the only reason why I've installed a completely separate podcast app on my device (Player FM).  Surprisingly, it is one of the only apps I've found that does push notifications for new podcast episodes.  I'd think this would be a MUST for anyone into podcasts.


Player FM lets the user customize notifications for each subscribed podcast but I use the global default settings to basically notify me when each subscribed podcast has a new episode.  I couldn't live without it.  Not sure how other folks know when to fire up their favorite podcasts other than the idea of manually checking every day or whatever, which seems extremely lamentable.