[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2018-01-24

Hello! Our team of researchers are working to improve the podcast experience. To help us get a better idea of how push notifications would be useful, answer the following questions in the comments:


  1. Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows?
  2. Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify?



I use Castro for podcasts and they have the absolute best notification system. You can either queue an episode next, queue it last, play it now or just clear it as in you don’t want to listen but you all have to get some kind of system, they’re too many podcasts to just pop into the app to try and figure out what’s new and what’s old. The notification and management system is the only thing keeping me from completely migrating to Spotify for podcasts and music!


I have wanted to switch to Spotify for podcast but the lack of notifications keeps me from doing it. I don't have it memorized when podcaster release new episodes and some times they have weird schedules. So a notification when a new episode is released a must for me. 

Casual Listener

Hey just a reminder that we’re years in to you guys providing a podcast platform and STILL not having basic podcast player functionality. 

Give us notifications and give us auto download. 

Crazy that this still isn’t a thing. 

Music Fan

Two years trying to figure it out, eh? 🤔 1. Haven't seen an app where it is implemented ideally, honestly. I would expect to be able to choose the podcasts I would like to have included and then have one notification pop up to say "A new podcast episode has arrived!" or something like that to avoid having the clutter of 30 different notifications for 30 different podcasts. This notification then takes you to the list of all your unplayed podcasts in the app where you are able to start playing all all of them one by one. 2. There is no experience at the moment at all. I would have to guess there is a new podcast episode out, go to the app and find it manually. Which is a bit tedious to say the least.


I use Overcast – I can choose which shows I receive notifications, and there's the option to automatically download as well. Also, when an episode is downloaded and I finish it, it automatically deletes itself, which is really nice


1. I know when a podcast is released and can listen right away. I can choose to download an episode if I'm traveling.


2. It's a poor experience. There isn't an option to check for new podcasts or refresh the feed. 

Casual Listener

I use push notification to stay up to date to allow me to check out new content from artists/pidcasts/playlists I follow.


Youtube and Netflix have this feature that let's you opt in for bell notifications so I never miss anything I consider important. It is a simple feature that we should have. Even inferior platforms like Soundcloud have this feature because it is a no brainer to let your users be aware of new content they want to see. You are only hurting your platform by not having this feature because you are missing out on streams. Please do not ignore us or we will use other platforms 


Yes. It would be great to be able to enable notifications for individual podcasts to get notified of new episodes, people would love that.