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[Podcasts] Subtitles for Podcasts

Thanks for the "karaoke" feature that allows us to follow the lyrics of the songs. It's great for anyone learning a new language or who needs to find a specific part of a song's lyrics, and especially for deaf people who, different from what is generally expected, also like to enjoy music on Spotify and this feature makes the experience more accessible.

However, a similar feature has not yet been implemented in podcasts, which is a shame as there are many creators producing extremely relevant content on the platform, but, for lack of an accessibility feature, this content doesn’t reach as many people as possible and many creators choose to make their content available on platforms that respect the diversity of their audience.

By making some updates to the karaoke feature that already exists on the platform we can have a Spotify more accessible to everyone. The ideal is a tool that generates an automatic description of the spoken content, as present in other online platforms, but also allows edits to be made by the content creator itself.

And then it should be automatically synchronized with the audio and available in the desktop and mobile version as well.

This update will bring more people to Spotify, as many people consume podcast media looking to learn a new language and would like to be able to check words they don't understand well, in addition, browsing the synchronized caption of the content allows you to find which part of a particular episode has the information that the person is looking for.

Most importantly, it will highlight the issue of accessibility for people with disabilities and initiate a dialogue with the disabled people community, because deficiencies are part of human diversity and must be respected.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Having a read along transcript for podcasts


it would be great if spotify had automatic transcriptions to podcasts. If this feature existed, deaf people would be able to enjoy podcasts too. I think Youtube Transcription feature is a great inspiration. This could go on the place where is the lyrics of the music.


so like the new synced lyrics feature but it's transcripts of podcasts, it could really help people who have trouble focusing on audio but want to listen to podcasts or cannot process verbal information sometimes and prefer written

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Great idea! In addition, I hope that if they add subtitles for podcasts, they should also add that we can choose a language in which we can read the subtitles.



I have tried searching for this but the last information was over a year ago so I'm hoping something has changed since then.

Can anyone tell me how I get subtitles on podcasts please?

I'm using spotify on my desktop PC.


Thank you

  1. This would be really good for me because I'm the type of person who likes to take notes when I'm learning something new. So if I could see what I'm listening to it would be really helpful, I'm sure there's lots of people out there like me.

This option should be considered an ADA accessibility accommodation as it should already be in the development stage and provided for disability Podcast users/listeners/readers. 


I think that this is a really good because lots of people could be deaf but if they want to enjoy podcasts and songs then they could but without this feature it discriminates against people with hearing difficulties as they are excluded from enjoying podcasts like everyone else.