[Podcasts] Sync Progress across Devices

I would love if when listening to Podcasts, the timestamps and play history would sync correctly and isntantly across devices. 


Example case: 

Listen to 45% of a Podcast on my phone. 

Open up Desktop app, Podcast is at 45% listen progress. 

Pick up and go from there. 


Speaking to Spotify Support, they mentioned that this isn't currently possible but should be submitted as an Idea. 

Updated on 2018-07-27

Marked as new idea.

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Rock Star 28
Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2018-07-27

Marked as new idea.

Casual Listener

This is such a mayor flaw right now, can't believe it! Podcast progress simply doesn't save or sync when playing on Sonos. Pleeeaaase fix ASAP, Spotify!


I assumed marking the podcast as played was synced across devices but it appears to only be saved localy. Please warn users it's only local! I switched to a new Android phone and lost all my progress across podcasts.


In the mean time I'ved switched to Google Podcasts until this feature is implemented since it syncs progress across devices and speakers perfectly.


Agree with this. It seems pretty ridiculous my devices can remember what recent podcast I was listening to but not the progress I've made. And I know it happens every once in a while where I'll listen on my desktop, then continue on my phone and it picks up right where I left off.