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Premium - option to disable all popups on all advertising and "recommended" features

Hi Spotify


Several times a week I'm getting popups in my spotify app (iOS) this is ranging from advertising of concerts, artists, features. See below for a couple of screenshots.


spotify error.jpg


spotify fail.jpg


Most recently I keep getting a popup telling me about audiobooks that keeps coming back. If that was the only popup I got in 6 months I would have dismissed it, but it happened multiple times and after all the other popups.


The bottom line here is that if I want the ability to turn off all these suggestions and advertising (and please call artist and concert ads as advertising rather than "suggested content" or "recommendations" because spotify make money out of these popups). I have all notification settings off, and yet these popups keep coming my way on a regular basis and looking at other posts in the forums and sadly Spotify keep on giving non-answers when being asked to turn them off.

I work for a global company that produces iOS apps for millions of users around the world, and so can say with some authority that this kind of user experience flow is really bad and does not instill trust in your service.  


Impossible to stop annoying popups even if i’m premium user and notifications all off.


I’ve canceled premium for the time being.


I may decide to subscribe again if this issue is fixed.


premium = no ads. Ever.


also, the fact that Spotify support refuses to call them ads and only “personalized recommendations” is a scummy practice.


Spotify - it seems like you're all in on advertising to Premium users with no option of turning it off. See below.


If you read  

What exactly is Marquee? How does it work?

If you’re a Spotify user, you’ve probably seen a notification recommending new music appear when you open the mobile app — that’s Marquee. This campaign tool grabs listeners’ attention and guides them from the app’s Home screen, directly to your new album, EP, or single. To be specific, Marquee is a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of your new release to Spotify Free and Premium listeners. Campaigns booked and managed in Spotify for Artists reach listeners who are most likely to stream your promoted release after seeing your Marquee


This is 100% advertising. Please respect users ability to disable marquee advertising as well as concert advertising.  This is a really bad business model to claim it's an ad-free service to users, then once they're hooked sell advertising to record companies to push popup ads out to users with zero option of disabling them.



I am so sick of getting these I had to search to see if anyone had figured out a way to get them to stop & came upon this. Lately it's constant pop-ups telling me to pay another $5 on top of what I already pay so that I can share my plan - I live alone, I'm single, and I have been paying for Premium for like 5 years and have never once had anyone else using my plan but me. One time ad? Ok annoying. But every other day, in numerous different ways? What the heck am I paying for this for? I thought it was supposed to be an ad-free experience and it's really just a "no audio ads in between songs or podcasts, constant random pop-ups for things you have no interest in." Which sounds like it's worth far less than $10.99 a month when you put it that way.


What’s it worth, primalux?