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[Profile] Reset Taste Profile / History

Please allow for a reset option, so you can start all over again with a clean sheet.


For now, you have to start over with an entirely new account to do just that. And for that you need to contact Customer Support. Not very convenient.

Updated on 2020-02-26

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



My Discover Weekly is an ungodly disgusting pilie of сrap - not a single track which matches my favorite artist or tracks I usually listen to. Not quite sure what sort of evil AI is creating it and which sources it uses to analye but I don't have a single match in there ever! I'm pretty sure Spotify wont take any actions to sort it any time soon (based on how well it sorts the issue with wrong artist reccomendations in the Release radar) but just wondering what analysis algorithm/method is used for Disover Weekly compilation? Any ideas?

People keep complaining but keep paying. Try Amazon, Tidal, or even Apple. Screw Spotify!


My Discover Weekly is full of relaxing music just because I used my account to play white noise to my baby when he goes to sleep. I’m not able to reset it, and stopped using the Discover Weekly feature… Being able to reset it would be great. Please help me fix this


I would prefere a "not interested" button; or remove specific items from history so the suggestions will become better.. however; this idea, just reset all suggestions; would already help a lot. And how hard can it be to implement? Just remove all (history/suggestions) items from the database that are linked to your account. Shouldn't be more than that. That compared to the amount of votes this idea has, makes me wondering; why is this marked as 'Not Right Now'?


Yes! My music taste has totally changed in the last year but my release radar is full of artists I don't listen to now and thus I don't even look at the release radar which makes me miss the new music from artists I love now


I need this as 4660 people that LOG INTO account in browser to vote up, but spotify (this is you guys, you should do something with the product) does NOTHING about this from 2016...
Did you even have programmers? Аwfully...

I can understand that you already have some work to do, but add function that delete few files on your servers and add button for this on every platform, I don't think this is so hard, only if you combine this files with another, in this situation you are really bad 🙂


Ironically enough if you go to the 'about recommendations' bit of the Discover Weekly playlist:listener satisfaction is our priority... is it though?!listener satisfaction is our priority... is it though?!


Such a shame this suggestion is being ignored - the Discover Weekly feature was for me a big USP of Spotify but it's now completely unusable due to me having let one of my kids use my account to listen to 'lo-fi' music to help him get to sleep - so that's now the only type of music I get in my Discover Weekly, no matter how much I use the Remove button to try and exclude it...


As the people above mention, Spotify should implement this option, think about people which they have kids, and smart speakers. My previously nice Discover Weekly feature is now ruined and is full of unrelated music.


Maybe RESET feature is too invasive but what about an EDIT option where you can remove some tags (i.e In my case I could remove the Baby Music tag)


It is quite annoying that you cannot fix this.  I assume playing non-kids music for some time will slowly fix this but how long does it normally take?? Anything one can do to help "speed up" the process as I keep getting suggested "Frozen" type stuff over and over......... 


Like many - just switched to family so I can separate what my daughter plays via alexa and my phone and own playlists.... really annoying you cannot fix this!!


Gotta add my disgust at this problem as well. I listened to some rain sounds to sleep a few nights. Suddenly Discover Weekly, my favorite aspect of Spotify, is populated COMPLETELY with New Agey music I detest. I’ve tried unliking songs, unliking artists and playing my personal playlist of 1500 songs I most like 24/7 muted for days on end. No change whatsoever. Come on Spotify. How hard can it be to allow your loyal listeners to reset Discover Weekly?  This one thing alone might cause me to switch to another service because it is so irritating and you refuse to fix it.